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No Edison lot?

The latest poster shows all bands this year at Ram's Head and Soundstage. Where will all the vendors and food stands be? How will anywhere near the amount of people as last year fit into those two venues? How will a couple tiny bathrooms handle the amount of beers that will need to be pissed out? Hell, speaking of that, how can we expect to get a beer in a decent time when we're losing all the outdoor options? Is this some sort of sick joke, or are they planning on the festival being 1/10th the size as normal? Does anyone have any ideas?

They don't really need food stands if it's just at Ram's Head and Soundstage, there are restaurants and bars around. There will probably be fewer vendors. Both venues have bathrooms. There's room for probably 3,000 people, which is plenty. 

I saw the listing too and wondered the same thing.   I gotta agree with Tir.   Edison Lot is essential to the outdoor fest experience.  I'll probably pass this year if it's confirmed that MDF will be an indoors-only event.  
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Honestly maybe its a good thing that it will just be all in those two stages- you wont hae to deal with the weather, increased security, everyone will be partying in one spot and they just made a post addressing that vendor issue. Ive never had a problem with the bathrooms at soundstage or rams head, perhaps they can just set up portapottys where the vendotrs are going to also be.
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I'll kind of miss Edison Lot, since that's been where a lot of great old bands have appeared over the last few years of Deathfest - the roster seems a bit thin on names i recognize this year, and that's kind of a downside for me.On the other hand, we won't get to doom-stomp en-masse past Baltimore's vast population of homeless, hopeless, drunk, schizophrenic, begging, and criminal populations all laying half-conscious in pools of vomit, booze, and blood in the streets between Edison Lot and other venues and transportation out - which always tended to be a far more brutal experience than anything on stage at Deathfest!  That's either a bright side, or it just makes things worse, depending on the way you look at that part of the experience:  the vacant-lot-in-the-middle-of-hell-on-Earth setting kind of fits perfectly with the sonic ambience of the festival's doom and industrial bands, but I'm otherwise inclined to say that's a part of "the Charm City" I'd rather not be charmed by if I don't have to, so it's kind of an upside for me....