NICE LOT: 3-Day Edison Pass + Rams Head Th/Fr/Su

Basically, I planned to buy tickets first and figure out logistics later. Timing wasn't great to begin with, and then a perfect storm of car, computer, and imminent baby expenses manifested. I'd like to sell them at face value — ideally together — but can reasonably negotiate. PayPal only; FedEx delivery is on me.
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I'd buy some or all of that!   Let me know how much you want and your Paypal info:   [email protected]

If this other person can't purchased them, I am more than willing to pay above face value for the Ram's head tickets, I did the exact opposite of you and bought airfare first and now I'm scrambling to get Ram's head tickets. e-mail me at [email protected]
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If these are not sold Im interested in buying them. email me @ [email protected] Thanks

DRPRUNE got 'em, dudes — shipping out today! Thanks for the interest, everyone. I was really concerned no one would wanna buy, and I'd be out hundreds of dollars. Hope you all make it!