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New venue

With MDF 2014 not happening at former Sonar, where do you think MDF 2014 should/could perform at? I'd say anywhere in Maryland, preferably near good transit.

I am actually sad that it won't be at the Sonar anymore, but it is in dire need of a bigger venue by far. Not really familiar with parts of Maryland, but as long as it around hotels and close to my boyfriends house I am happy.

Fuck. I was hoping the Sonar area would just expand. There's that huge parking lot across the street from Stage #2. Shut down the streets! Take over the city! Being surrounded by those buildings and streets and that elevated freeway was the bomb. You could walk down to the Inner Harbor if you needed a break and yell "Infidel"!!! at some bum Muslims on the way.   I always looked at Obscene Extreme and thought, yeah the line-ups are always killer, but the atmosphere sucks. I don't wanna be out in the middle of the fucking woods with tents and port-a-potties and mosquitos. Soon there'll be "Camping Metal" and "Bon Fire & Marshmellow Grind" and "Lumberjack Doom." So I hope it keeps it's big city feel. Whatever.

Maybe they should move it to the Ravens stadium.  Have two stages in the inside of the stadium (one at eaach end zone) and the other two in the parking lot.  Another idea would be to move it next to the Wal-Mart on Hanover St.  There is a empty Sams Club building there they could utilize and a open field outside of it.  It's across the water from Harbor Hospital center towards Cherry Hill  I haven't been there in a while, so I don't know if that building is still vacant or not.  The problem is they would have to open that building every year.  The other idea is at White Marsh across from the Best Buy/Loews shopping center, but that might be cancelled due to new construction going on.  The final area that could be considered is Timonium Fairgrounds.  They could have 2 stages on the inside and two outside.  There's two hotels in Timonium, two hotels in Cockeysville, and at leaast one hotel in Towson.  A couple of setbacks would be an extra hour ride on the light rail from downtown and just in case some guests might want to visit downtown.

Honestly, I am kind of glad it's no longer happening at the Sonar. Too many homeless crackheads and other shady filth wandering around and bothering people for money and smokes. Furthermore a lot of the surrounding hotels in that area are fun by shady people who try to nickel and dime people for the most minute of services, etc., etc. I'd rather it be somewhere that doesn't look to take advantage of your wallet for once. 

I like having the Hotel walking distance to everything. Last years main issues could have easily been solved with another entrance. The food area had a long fence along the back that easily would have done the trick. It sounds pretty weak but I would hate having to commute via cab or bus.

Have it the Maryland Ren Fair village:
  • Pros:
  • It's a fucking Medieval village
  • It's big
  • It's in the woods
  • They could keep the axe throwing booth open
  • Many delicious foods served on sticks by people with fake english accents
  • Studded leather (or even full plate for that matter) won't be an issue with security
  • Cons:
  • Fucking hills everywhere

Yeah,I live in Baltimore and have been to Sonar alot of times but didn't go to Deathfest everyday because of the location.I went to some of the first Deathfests and it was like Mad Max with all the homeless Crust Punks and there 200 dogs.That being said the Cherry Hill areia would be worse.I am leaning towards M and T stadium or Timonium Fairgrounds.Both have easy access,light rail and parking facilities,and alot of space.There are plenty of hotels near the stadium,and there are about a bunch near the fairgrounds which are all along the beltway exits and the light rail.The tent last year reaked havoc on accoustics.I guess well see.I will be at M and T next month for the beer festival,well see how that goes!

Whereever it is..  I really hope it's inside/mostly inside... Maybe these could be options?
  • 1840s Ballroom:  (not sure if really suitable for concerts)
  • Cylburn Arboretum:  (not sure how convenient to public transportation or accomodations -- although very close to the hospital.  LOL.  Maybe a shuttle from the light rail station which is not too far away?)

I have seen the Maryland Deathfest at the thunderdome those first few years, that Hard rock club, followed by all the years at the Sonar.  It will survive quite well and the guys know to put it in relatively convenient locations so no worries. 

Eager to see how this new place works out.

Hypothetically speaking; if Edison Lot were to move closer to Rams Head and Soundstage, where could it be played at? I'd imagine the noise would be a big factor, and was a big factor in them choosing Edison Lot.