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Metal bars/clubs in LA

Ok, so I know this isn't really all that relevent to MDF, but I thought I'd ask here anyway. I'll be headin' over from Australia, hittin' LA on May 10th. I'll be there for 3 nights, and I've got fuck all idea what to do for those nights. SO, anyone got any tips on good metal bars or clubs to hit, or basically just something to do? Suggestions people, let's do this!
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The Rainbow is a must in Los Angeles. Also you could try a bar called Loaded. I'd call it more rock/punk but still a fun place. 
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Yeah, there's the Rainbow on Sunset and Loaded Bar on Hollywood Blvd. Check out  for any shows that may be happening in LA during your stay. Don't forget to visit Amoeba Records and Ronnie James Dio's grave. 

Excellent! Cheers to both of you!
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Metal bars in baltimore?