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MDF2015 Clashfinder - See Inside

Some of you may find this usefull as to planning out your weekend, The exact set time ends for of the last bands of the day have not been said, so bear that in mind.  -  Share yours below! Enjoy.   (Ps. Forgive me, I've probably made a few typos on band names on there, just let me know and I'll change it) 

Dude, this is killer. Ideal! I didn't even know about this page. Many thanks! \m/

No worries mate, we use it for most of the european festivals out here so it was the first thing I made sure I had made for MDF

This is awesome! Is there a way to print this out? 

Printing instructions at the bottom of the page :)

This is super amazing. Thanks for sharing!

This is amazing! I've never heard of this site before. I just want to know - does it change the view for everyone if I click on things and highlight band names? I don't want to start personalizing this and playing around, trying to figure it all out and fuck it up for everyone. =/