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MDF 2018 Early Bird Ticket for Sale

This ticket is a 4-day all venue ticket. Face value: $213 USD. $47 USD cheaper than the current sale-price! I'm actually losing $20 CAD on this thanks to the shitty Canadian dollar. Selling because I've come to the realization that attending 70K, MDF, Metal Days, & a mortgage is just too much for 2018, aha. Cheers, Brian H.

Hey everyone! This is still up for grabs. I'll sell for $200 USD; $63 USD cheaper than the current 4-day sale-price. I don't feel as bad for missing MDF this year now that they've announced Quebec Deathfest in October :)

This one is now Sold. Thanks for the interest! Have fun at MDF and I'll catch ya next year!