MDF 2015 - Soundstage - 1 x 3 days ticket available

Dear Maryland DF community,  One of our frind will not be able to come with us at the soundstage, we've once the following ticket for resale : MDF 2015 - Soundstage - 3 Day [Friday, Sat, Sun]  Price is $83 and I will have to add arround $6 for transfert's fees. We can also met on the thursday at the soundstage for an exchange (in that case, please let me know your name in advance in orde for me to edit/print the tickel, price will be $83 to pay in cash).If you prefer to get ticket in advance, I accept paypal or bank transfert.  BR,  Aurélien, [email protected]

Thanks for your requests, the 3 day Pass has been sold

Hi there, I would like to buy the soundstage ticket for saturday please. Let me know