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Maryland Deathfest XIII Survival Guide

If this is your first Maryland Deathfest and/or you're unfamiliar with Baltimore, the Deathfest Survival Guide on is a must read! It's packed full of info about the festival and has an interactive Google Map with things like restaurant/bar recommendations (for example Pratt Street Ale House is giving 10% off entire bill to all MDF attendees), convenience store locations and even tourist spots like the location of Edgar Allan Poe's grave.

Thanks, Chris.  Your guide is always very helpful

I just wanted to add my thanks for the guide, as well - this is my first MDF, and the guide helped out a LOT with keeping me organized and giving me an idea of what to expect.  Great work!  :)   (I don't think anyone mentioned it anywhere else, and I didn't see a better place to point it out, but:  Dan Seagrave, the surreal horror artist behind most of my favorite album covers, is at this year's MDF in one of the bigger vendor's tents, selling and signing prints of his paintings - he seems like a hell of a nice guy, and the prints are fantastic!)