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Looking for ppl to hang with--never been to Maryland

I'll be attending Fri, Edison lot only and just looking for some ppl to hang with. I'm new to Maryland and this fest, or any fest actually so be nice to have a friend(s) there. All of mine I've asked have other plans or cannot afford to come. I'm going primarily for Bloodbath and intend to get as far in front as poss. w/out getting killed...No pervs, assholes, or immature teenagers need reply here. ;)Please reply or PM me.

you are going to love the fest......but hate baltimore, as for bloodbath itll be close to a riot prob, cuz if carcass was a bloodbath i can only imagine what bloodbath would be but yea hopfully you enjoy it, this will be my 4th year and its amazing every time you shall not be dissipointed

Thanks for the message. Yeah I hope so. From vids I've seen of them, ppl are pretty crazy. :) I'm also a huge Katatonia fan. Hopefully being off to one side will shield me from the carnage.What's so bad about Baltimore?

I sent you a PM.

You will have a couple thousand new friends, not to worry. I recommend staying for the whole thing though....

its jus in a really scummy part of the city, shit ton of homeless people asking for cigs money food, not to mention the block of basicly black stips clubs that youd prob get stabbed if walked though it at night ect, but all in all jus be aware of your surroundings and try ta stay around the fest area if possible and youll be fine

I'm going down by myself too, so I'm open to meeting new people. 

I don't live in Baltimore, but I could be considered kind of local as I visit from time to time. I would say that Baltimore is a great city with many things to do and see. Yes, some may find some of the immediate Edison Lot surroundings questionable, but if you use common sense, nothing will happen to you - it is not like it is a war zone. The historic Mount Vernon neighborhood is a doable walk West from Edison. Charles Street is the main street in this neighborhood, and it is full of restaurants and bars. Fells Point, which is another historic neighborhood, is close to Ramshead and Soundstage. And there is awesome seafood throughout the city. Anyway, yes, your perception of the city may be greatly impacted by whether you spend all your time at the venue or whether you find time to check out some other parts. 

We're flying over from the UK for the week so anyone feel free to drop us a shout for some beers too.

MDF will be my first time visiting the USA!Massive Bloodbath fan here too - saw them at Wacken 2005!Heard some things about Baltimore (i.e. The Wire lol) - but my friend who completed his degree there loves the place!Can't wait to explore around the City, Meet a whole lot of new people & thrash out with everyone!

@ Killjoy: Bist du aus Deutschland???

I suggest Walters Museum if you have extra time around town, that was awesome. Mick O' Sheas has good food and is close by the fest too. 

You should try stay the whole fest. It's a blast, last year was my first time going, you leave with a lot of new friends, memories and hangovers. hahaI don't know anyone down that way minus 3 people, so if anyones down for some Canadian company, feel free to send me a message. I'll be solo for Thursday night, as my party friends come Friday. :(

I'm solo until Friday night, as well, if you want to get together.


so here´s the deal! the germans are drunk! see you at soundstage or rams head!