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Looking for MDF 2019 4-day pass (All Venues)

Live in the DC area so if we can do it local that would be perferable.Open to non-local exchange because if you can't trust a Metalhead who can you trust?

Are you still looking to buy a ticket? I'm not local but I do have a 4 day pass and I can no longer attend due to me getting married

Sorry thought this fell through the cracks.  I thought if I got a response on this forum my personal email would be altered. Yes.  I'm still looking.  What price are we looking at?  How would you transfer the ticket to me and make it legit?  Never done this before. Congrats by the way. Cheers.  

I haven’t done this before myself either. I will discuss it in more detail once I get off work so that I can make sure you’re receiving your ticket correctly. I am willing to negotiate a fair price.

Let me know when you figure out all the details.

I think it says that you can transfer tickets through Eventbrite. As for payment, we'll probably have to use Paypal

Okay.  How does 200 sound?

That sounds good to me :)

Just let me know when you are ready and i'll check eventbrite to see what to do. You can pay me once you have received the tickets if you feel more comfortable doing so :)

Sounds good.  Just let me know and I'll send details to private message.  Thanks!

You can go ahead and message me the details :)

Did you get what I sent?  Let me know if you need anything else.  Also some guy on the forum is trying to sell tickets and claims that MDF doesn't even look at the name but it's probably better to safe than sorry:

I got your name, but I need your e-mail address as well so EventBrite can send you my tickets.

Also I don't think it matters what name is on the ticket. Don't quote me on that but I think they just need the ticket so they can scan it in

Thanks!  Got the ticket.  Let me know what email to paypal the cash.  I heard the same thing to.  Thanks.

Did you get my email? I sent it to you in a message.

Not sure why I'm not getting it.  Maybe put it in here and you can remove it once you get the money.  


Money sent.  Congrats on the marriage.

Thanks man! Let know how The Chasm was if you plan on seeing them!

Ha!  Might be little more old school than that.  Never even heard of them!  Maybe I'll check them out.  Typically more into the older Doom, older Thrash and old school Death bands.  Cheers my friend.