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ist time at MDF. I have hotel and parking questions?

So, this is my 1st time at MDF. I am aware that I am late on booking a hotel. I am thinking of booking farther away but if I drive everyday, will I have trouble parking around the area? Any suggestions for hotels (trying not to spend a lot) or is there anybody that wants to share a room?

I have the same question about parking.  Anyone?

A lot of times, when I go downtown......I find a grocery store parking lot or public space to park. It hasnt let me down, yet.......but maybe I have gotten lucky. 

Last year, I found the Edison parking lot to be huge advantage. The daily rates were reasonable, it's literally 100 feet from the entrance to the main Edison Lot where the bands are playing, easy access to go back and forth to your car if necessary, easy entrance during the day and smooth exit at the end of the night.I give it a 100%, 2 thumbs up. Be warned, it does close around 12am, so it doesn't solve the problem if you are planning to hit the late night sets at Soundstage or Ram's Head. That's what I'm currently trying to figure out, so if anyone can give some advice on that, I'd appreciate it.  

I have been trying to find parking close to the edison lot for a month now, but due to the "strong recomendation"  to use panda parking i spent money to park and walk 20min,  all the time tring to find out where to park for edison if the edison lot is full of stages and vendors!!! So i can park 100 feet away!!     WHY IS THIS INFORMATION NOT POSTED ON THE MDF website!!!So just google 545 n high street and follow it to the edison lot and you can park 100 feet away during friday nite??I need an answer ASAP from the c ommunity if possible.  Who wants to stumble 1/2 mile away when i can stumble 100 feet!! Is this lot the Central parking lot on Guilford ave just below RT 83?

Never had problem with street parking near Edison lot though you have to watch that some are metered. I think Sunday was free though.