How much will tickets cost/how much did they cost last year?

TBH I'm not huge on most of the bands on the bill but I'd commit cold-blooded murder before I'd miss MY DYING BRIDE (!!!!) in the US for the first time in my life. (Also, Candlemass and At The Gates. Holy shit!!!)The event is still far off but I'll likely have to save up extensively to get tickets and pay for parking so, how much is this gonna run me? Money is no object when My Dying Bride becomes involved.
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Ok Im a noob here and may have just not seen the ticket thing.  So first thing is we only buy tickets from this website? and if so the link to buy them for next weekend will be up soon? 
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Details regarding ticket prices and options will be coming early this week.  You will have all the info you need  about what ticket options are available, pricing, and where to go to purchase, within the next few days.   Stay tuned!

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