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How early should I book flights and hotel?

This is my first MDF. Flying from Calgary. Young inexperienced traveller. What's the best time to book hotels and flights? I know that generally booking a flight as the date nears could result in deals but since a lot of people will be flying there at the same time is that still the case? 

Hey, i've always booked my flight and hotel in january-february... going from Mexico city and haven't got any problem yet.

golden rule for all flights: book 8 weeks in advance and try to fly on tuesday or saturday. statistically the cheapest :)

I booked my flight from Los Angeles to Baltimore and paid $360 round trip (original price was $310 but with taxes and fees). That's not too bad considering. Book the hotel now. There are other events happening in Baltimore besides the Death Fest so lock in a room ASAP. If you can get into a room with several people it will be much cheaper as well.