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German attendees and people staying at the Holiday Inn Near Harbor, 301 West Lombard St.

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We´just got our flights and hotel confirmed, so we´re gettin over the sea from Germany at the 20th of may! Anyone interested in gettin wasted with us, draw me a line. We´re are two nice boys from Germany with a good music taste and we´re thirsty all the time! So get in touch, ladies and gents!For the germans: Alle die Bock haben auf saufen, melden! Wir machen was klar!
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Welcome! The activity on the forum is pretty scant at the moment. Don't worry though, the fest will make up for any shortcomings the forum has and you will find plenty of drinking partners when you get there.

Always up for drinking buddies! I'm flying in from Tallahassee, Florida.
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I'm from Jersey, but going down by myself so I'm in!!