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Folks,My name is Andrew, and I'm the manager of URBAN CELLARS. We have been providing beer, wine, and spirits to Maryland Deathfesters for years now, and we love when y'all stop by. Firstly, I want to update y'all that we are excited to announce the arrival of a GROCERY STORE called Streets Market and Cafe. They are located right next to us. They are a great stop for any odds and ends when you arrive in Baltimore. Secondly, as a local resident, I want to welcome y'all to our great city. Stop on in with any questions or concerns. Heck, give us a call if you have any questions google may not answer: 4105288088. Baltimore is a great town. But as with every city, there are rough patches. If you are looking for hotels that are safe and close to MDF, there are a great many around us. See ya Soon Deathfesters

Thanks for being open on Sunday during the fest too, Andrew!

Yes, it really is a huge plus! You guys are great. Soon see you again ;-) Marina Kingston

because they just ruled officer Nero not guilty, should I be bringing body armor?  lol