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Food Vendors

Since the MDF board has gone kaput, here's another lobby for Land Of Kush to get added to the MDF vendor list. Hail Seitan! 

MDF still needs an ice cream truck.

With Devin Townsend as the ice cream vendor employee. It will be called.....Satan's Ice Cream Truck! lolz

YES! Ice cream!

Bring back the carnival food people but uh..make them post prices so they don't keep raising the costs as they see fit.  Fucking scumbags.

Find the guy cooking the meat and trade a beer for a steak or falafel or whatever.  Made the costs really good for me...  :)

Logistically speaking it won't really work, but having Kuma's would rule. 

Howabout having more people to work the Thai food stand? haha :P

Felt so bad for that little old couple. They made some damn good food though.

I was kind of pissed off with the gyros. 18$ just for a gyro and a drink. I didn't even have enough money to get fries. At least the zombie BBQ pit on Sunday had better prices. The food was still great though.

$18?  they fucked you hard. I paid $9 for just a gyro on the first day they were open.  When did you go? 2nd or 3rd day. Zombie pit pulled pork was amazing though. 

I'll say I did. It was rediculous. I was there Saturday and Sunday. 3rd and 4th days

Wierd, those guys treated me all right. I was buying a lot of sodas and water from those guys and would usually throw them $1 for a tip and give them a little "You guys are bad ass" service industry charm. Saturday night the lady and I got a cheese steak, a corn dog and a lemonade and to my surprise was only $15. Remember those guys are there busting their ass, not having the good time you and I are. Also as said before, beer is the quickest way to a cooks heart...

There's a Whole Foods in the Inner Harbor too if you're in a tight budget, as well as Super Fresh up the hill from the Sonar. cannot recommend enough getting brunch at Golden West.

Whole Foods for the tight budget...never thought I'd hear that phrase...

Lmao, right? For those of you that forgot the platinum card at home and only have gold there is still whole foods. And BTW, eating "brunch" is the least metal thing you can do.

I got Lemonade on the last day at the gyro stand. It was 7 bucks but I needed a little sugar becuase I was feeling light headed so I went for it. I'm guessing it must of started at $4 on day one, haha.But to be honest, a majority of my food came from Burger King, Subway, and that Chinese place. A 5 minute walk to save 5 bucks each meal, although the waiting in line kind of fucked up that plan on the last 2 days. I'm hoping wherever the new location is there will still be cheap food around off feast ground.

I generally bring a suticase full of cocaine with me so eating is not one of my priorities.  Although the food usually does smell good.

LMAO, you win best comment! I'll make sure to look for the guy telling his life story to every person that walks by and a Hunter S. Thompson bag clutched in a sweaty fist if I start getting tired and need a bump.

Any good chicken wings near by?

Hope they return, that pulled pork sandwich and the bbq chicken was great! Saved my life after seeing Sleep! RETURN!!!