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First Band Announcement

MDF XIVMDF 26-29, 2016Edison Lot, Rams Head Live, Baltimore Soundstage30 bands confirmed for MDF XIV:Auroch (Canada)BongripperBongzillaDenouncement Pyre (Australia)Deströyer 666DisgorgeExciterGruesomeHaemorrhage (Spain)Hail of Bullets (Netherlands)The Haunted (Sweden)Jungle RotKhold (Norway)Lord Belial (Sweden)Malignant Tumour (Czech Republic)Mitochondrion (Canada)Nocturnal Graves (Australia)Phobocosm (Canada)Putrid PileSamael (Switzerland) - "Ceremony of Opposites" setSaturnalia Temple (Sweden)Severe Torture (Netherlands)Sinister (Netherlands)Svartidauði (Iceland)Svarttjern (Norway)Thulcandra (Germany)Tulus (Norway)Venom (UK)Visceral DisgorgeWormed (Spain)  

BONG,BONG,add BONG,complete the triumvirate!

Just fantastic. D666, Denouncement Pyre, Nocturnal Graves. Hope for a chance to add Razor Of Occam!Also nice to see Venom back, they were great in 2013.  Look forward to Lord Belial (I hope they play a lot from Enter The Moonlight Gate ...) and Jungle Rot.