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Contact info?

Hello all.  I am having an issue with my ticket order and was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.  I placed my order back in the middle of December.  I received the Rams Head tickets but not my Edison Lot tickets.  When I log in, my order is listed as "completed."  I have tried contacting MDF multiple times and have never recived a response.  Today, I attempted to email them again, through their contact us page, and found I was catagorized as spam!  Nothing in any of my emails was abusive or threatening.  I provided my order number and other relevant details.  No one has even attempted to contact me.  I've checked my spam filter. Another thing I noticed was that I received an email when they shipped my Rams Head tickets.  This was not the case for the Edison lot tickets.  So far, nothing, except that it is listed as completed.I am traveling from another state and I need to get this resolved.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I don't want to initiate a charge back or go through the hassle of a Paypal dispute, but so far, no one has contacted me.Does anyone know the phone number to talk to someone at MDF since now I have been labled as "spam?"  Has anyone else had this issue?I went last year and had no problems.  I want to give these guys the benefit of the doubt, but so far, the lack of contact and being labled as "spam" isn't making that easy. Thanks in advance for your response. 

HiI have the same problem, I purchased a ticket in November the status says complete and I asked about it 3 times and get no responce. It is January and I have no ticket? I would like someone to at least acknowledge and respond. It is the professional thing to do.

Sorry to hear! What is the current status of your tickets? I purchased a 4 day pass back in November and thought everything went through fine until PayPal notified me that my payment didn't go through. I later had to buy as many individual passes. I chose the pick up at Will Call option as I am from Canada and will be traveling in Europe for the month before getting to Baltimore (didn't want to chance losing my ticket during my travels). Any idea about the will call venue?   Thanks!