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If you're looking to share a ride, or if you're looking to hop in someone's car to drive to the fest, put your request here with where you will be coming from and what day of the fest

I'm coming from the Bel Air/Abingdon area in Maryland, coming all days of the fest, will be playing sick-ass music on the way there haha.

Coming from the Southern/Eastern part of Massachusetts. As of now my car is in good shape for a carpool, so hopefully I can be a candidate!

Hey! do you have room for two people that are in the  the new bedford, MA area?

I will be coming from Orlando, Florida. If anyone wants to hop on, you are more than welcome.

Are you still interested in carpooling/still have room? I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going, but carpooling might be a good option. I'm down in boca raton but driving up to orlando wouldn't be an issue so long as you have a place for me to park.

Any cheap accommodation around the venue? Looking into making the trip from Down Under. Nothing "crack whore cheap" hahahaaa

I booked the Mount Vernon from Thursday to Sunday for like $96 a night. With taxes and shit it comes out to about $450 for the fest. So far it's just me and I'm looking for roommates. I've been going every year since 2009. The crew I normally go with fucked me over last year so I need a new crew. 

I'm looking for a room for Friday and Saturday night

Anyone going from NY or NJ? I´m coming all days...

I'll be driving from the Jersey City area Thursday morning for all 4 days, do you have a room?

I'm from Jersey. Going Friday to Sunday, by myself. 

I'm from northwest Ohio, and I'm going everyday, but not sure on pre-fest.

I'm heading to Baltimore for my 1st Deathfest.  Can't wait.  Hoping to cut down on travel expenses and maybe even split a room with a person or two.  I'll be driving from the Nashville area.  Anyone interested? 

I'm coming from Cincinnati on Thursday.  I have room for 3-4 more.

Anyone driving from Winnipeg or North Dakota? I need a ride!

I'll be visiting from the DC area and might be able to do trips each day, including Wednesday.

Hey MarauderX, sent you a PM.

I got a cheap flight but to the Ronald Reagan Washington airport :/ does anyone know about transportation from there to Baltimore???

I'm driving down from Philadelphia, heading down Thursday morning for all 4 days. Willing to pick up anyone on the way down or in the general area.

Hi,Anyone (or anyone you know) driving from New Haven, CT ?

Is anyone leaving from the southeastern,MA area? looking for a way for two people to deathfest for the date of sunday may 25th and getting back preferably the day after.

Anyone driving to DC after the show Friday night?

My roommate and I are driving to Baltimore from Winnipeg, Canada and we're looking for some people to carpool with. We're driving an SUV and theres three spots with tons of trunk space. We promise not to play Celine Dion.  Major cities we will be pass: Minneapolis Milwaukee Chicago Detriot Cleveland Pittsburgh And not limited to these cities.  We're definitely open to driving a little out of the way. Of course we'd split gas and all that lovely cost effective junk. We'd be leaving probably like Wednesday to get there for Thursday and then we'd leave Monday.   

I'm heading upstate NY after the fest and looking for a ride on 5/25. If anyone is heading back that way and has room in their car I can pitch for gas/buy you lunch/whatever! Drop off is flexible, really anywhere near Chatham/Hudson/Albany :)

I'll be coming down on Wednesday for prefest and leaving on Monday afternoon. I'm in a volvo wagon that's in good shape and enough space for up to 4 more people. If you need a ride there or back and have something for the gas, hit me up!

I'm looking for a ride out of Toronto or a few hours proximity if anybody has room. Cheers!

Going to the show on Sunday but only looking for a ride back to NY (anywhere in Westchester or any of the boroughs will do). Will put down for gas.