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Back in the day.....

These forums had countdowns, lists of wanted merch, pictures of a disgusting drunk crusty, whos bring whatever kind of drugs, set list speculations... etc Kinda quiet around here with about 20 days to go.....

Bring back the Party Brigade.

The old forum ruled!  I can't seem to find where all of those people went.

I would like to answer this. First this forum design and operation SUCKS and is cheap as fuck and I would gladly pay extra for MDF tickets to improve it, or hell reduce it to its old form! As I typed this message I got auto corrected 6 fucking times for shit I meant to say, imagine trying to type metal bands and names?!?secondly and more importantly were some weird trolls who stayed on the old board 24/7 and insulted all of us real, die hard metal fans who actually pay for and go to these shows! One fat, worthless troll in particular has a beating still coming was this fat loser "Crucified Coma." He trolled all day, called everyone faggots for their band choices and music preferences and just was a miserable piece of shit. He went MIA when his picture and name became known and posted and he was actually some fat faggot looking kid with glasses and dick in his mouth. Posters like him ruined this board. 

People like that should be raped by elephants.