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Another 45 bands!

Buzzov*enCentinex (Sweden)Claudio Simonetti's Goblin (Italy)Crypt SermonDehumanizedDemonical (Sweden)Demonic ChristDeranged (Sweden)Discharge (UK)DOOM (UK)Dopethrone (Canada)Dragged into Sunlight (UK)Gets Worse (UK)GroundHellbringer (Australia)HiraxHorrendousInfestInterment (Sweden)MagrudergrindNovembers DoomNuclear AssaultParadise Lost (UK)PriapusPutrescence (Canada)RepulsionRingwormRotten Sound (Finland)Satan (UK)Secrets of the Moon (Germany)Severed Head of StateSick FixSick of Stupidity (Netherlands)Six Brew Bantha (Canada)SkullshitterTempestTest (Brazil)TestamentTragedyWaco JesusWeedeaterWhoresnation (France)Wombbath (Sweden)World Burns to Death

Might have to pre order tickets already.