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Is that a adolescent Larry Bird out here? No, it's Kelly Olynyk, who abandoned 26 believability in the Celtics' Adventurous 7 win to banish the Wizards on Monday. Fourteen of Madden Mobile Coins Olynyk's believability came in the fourth as he had Boston abundant with pleasure. Kelly Olynyk, everyone! Get paid, adolescent man.Isaiah Thomas was abundant too — Paul Flannery writes that he and the Celtics now acquire their signature moment — and Bradley Beal kept the Wizards in the adventurous in the added bisected as Boston's breach went wild. John Bank accomplished a complete adequate postseason with a dud, traveling ice algid from the field. That doesn't abolish what he'd done to this point.Next up for the Celtics: The abstract activity on Tuesday, breadth they acquire the best attack at adequate No. 1 overall, and afresh Adventurous 1 of the Eastern Appointment Finals on Wednesday. Jeff Clark writes that the C's acquire annihilation to lose adjoin the Cavaliers.Next up for the Wizards? Get a danged bench! Subscribe to Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins Adequate Morning It’s Basketball NBA annual and links delivered to your inbox anniversary weekday, so you never absence out. Don't bang if you acquire adverse reactions to blood, but there was a helluva activity amid admirers at Adventurous 7 it seems.ESPN has the NBA Abstract Activity at 8:30 p.m. ET and Adventurous 2 of Spurs-Warriors at 9. No Kawhi Leonard accepted for either event.Speaking of Kawhi, Gregg Popovich went in on Zaza Pachula's abhorrent that afflicted Leonard in Adventurous 1, authoritative a key point about how absorbed doesn't matter. Pop even cited manslaughter! (By the way, SB Nation's artisan bound sharpener Zito Madu wrote about Zaza's absorbed afore Pop's rant, too.) Zaza demurred on maddenvip-com