4 Tickets for sale $120.00 each for Edison lot. 3 day passes Fri through Sunday

FOR SALE 4 TICKETS TO MDF 3 day passes for the Edison Lot. SAVE YOURSELF $160.00 AS A GROUP. Or we can sell em separate OK guys it's come to our attention that we just cant make this years MDF with all the irons in the fire for the Ossuary Industries Camp and much much more. So with that being said here is a SCORE from hell for ya. I have 3 actual tickets and 1 E -ticket total of 4 tickets all 3 day passes for the Edison Lot and i need to sell em. We don't mind a little loss on our purchase. So here it is you can get all 4 of them for $480.00 free shipping if you are looking to go as a group you just saved a smooth $80. Hit me up if your interested. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. Please send email to [email protected]  MDF 2014 - Edison Lot - 3 Day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)