4 Day Passes - US ony *SOLD OUT*

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Wow, that was fast. 
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Yeah, seriously. Luckily though, we are (my group) only going Saturday and Sunday again next year, so it won't really affect us.
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Yeah I am not sure how many 4 Day passes they sold yesterday.  More than last year ?  I know quite a bit of people coming from Scandinavia for it. :)   It will be my 6th MDF in a row.  Wish I would have gone in 2007 and 2008.
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Yup, feel lucky as hell that my lady and I got ours. Only got the three day main stage tickets last year which was ok because I got to see a some of what I missed the following weekend at Chaos In Tejas. But with rumors of Chaos not happening in 2014, figured we should go all out for MDF. I definitely have some bummed out friends who assumed they would be able to wait to buy them...
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On that note, anybody who needs to sell 2 4 day passes, please get ahold of me via PM/email, I will buy them from you asap.

I am in need of 1 to 2 four-day passes, so if anybody needs to get rid of them please hit me up via email (PM is fine, too, but you'll reach me more quickly by sending an email).  As long as this message is up on the forum, I still need the tix.  Thank you.  [email protected]
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I've been so busy with classes that I was not able to purchase a four day pass. If anyone has any, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks
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Decided that we would get 3 day passes and are gonna get Saturday Ram's head passes