4 day pass needed!!!!

Please help!!!!
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This is what I have... Edison Lot - 3 Day. Soundstage - 3 Day. Rams Head - 3 Day. Rams Head - Thursday. $350. PayPal ready!Intrested? 

Gotta be honest, price is a bit steep, there bro bro.
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Edison lot 3 day  $180.37./ Soundstage - 3 Day $82.99./ Rams Head - 3 Day $67.62./ Rams Head Thursday  $36.85.. Giving us a grand total of $367.85.Thats the REALL cost of the tickes, while not getting the 4 days pass (which I did not). just so you know, I was being nice and nocking $17 off. :) Good luck finding that 4 day pass there bro bro...