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3day edison, VIP, 3day hotel...package

ok, going to give this a try.i have a 3 day edison $160 value, VIP $100 value, and thufrisat hotel room split value $100trying to sell as a package. be creative. neg.if you are male or female and we are both comfortable with the character of the other, im looking to get rid of this as a package.hotel is 15min from venue, decent place with bfast, wifi, 2 dbl beds for a reasonable price44 white male with VIP and tickets to every edison and RH show but sunday night for myself. we do not have to hang, but i will be driving to shows each day, if someone needs a ride. maybe a couple trips some days.420i will not be splitting this up if possible. paypal. i will not be getting back to everyone, so opportunity from cool person for cool person