Frequently Asked Questions

On Thursday, you can pick up your merch at the MDF merch tent at Rams Head. From Friday-Sunday, you can pick it up at the MDF merch tent at Edison Lot.

Yes, re-entry is permitted at all times.

Unfortunately not. However, at Edison Lot, in addition to the bars, there will be a "hydration station" where you can get unlimited free water throughout the weekend. There will also be many food vendors selling a variety of food.

Backpacks, while subject to search at the entrance, are permitted at both Edison Lot and Soundstage. Rams Head requires you to check the bag at the coat check kiosk before entering.

Yes it is. The shuttles have been reserved and more info about this service will be revealed sometime during the month of April.

Edison Lot is located at 545 N. High St
Baltimore Soundstage is located at 124 Market Pl
Rams Head Live is located at 20 Market Pl
Power Plant Live is the entertainment complex that Rams Head is a part of. The stage at Power Plant is just outside of the Rams Head entrance.

You can either print it out OR have it scanned from your phone.

Yes, please email [email protected] with the name and/or order number of the ticket so we can verify its legitimacy. Be very wary of scammers online and DO NOT send money to anyone before confirming the legitimacy of the ticket.

You don't need to do anything, as all Soundstage tickets that were sold before the addition of Power Plant now give you access to both Soundstage AND Power Plant.

You don't need to do anything, as all Rams Head tickets that were sold before the addition of Edison Lot now give you access to both Rams Head AND Edison Lot. In other words, you have access to both venues and more bands than originally expected.

Ultimately, names on tickets don't matter. You can just forward the ticket to the person you're giving it to and they will be able to scan the ticket at the entrance without any issues.

Yes, all tickets purchased for MDF 2020/2021 are valid for 2022. No further action is needed on your end.

Yes.  Re-entry is permitted at all venues.

No, tickets will not be mailed.  After purchasing your ticket through Eventbrite, you should receive a confirmation e-mail with a PDF file attachment that has printable tickets.  For more information about your tickets, please visit Eventbrite's Help Center.

VIP tickets for the Edison Lot are sold out. We will not be releasing more.

BWI airport is the closest to downtown Baltimore and the venue.  You can take the MTA Light Rail directly from the airport to downtown Baltimore.  Go to the following link for more information:

Also, the Super Shuttle from the airport has rates between $12-15 one-way to downtown Baltimore.  For more rates and reservations go to:

Yes, this is all ages, so feel free to bring the kids!!

No, we do not issue press passes, so please do not e-mail us to ask for one.

Yes.  Cameras, including DSLR's are permitted at all venues.