Selling 4 day pass. Long story... Sucks.

Unfortunately for me I must unload my 4 days pass for MDF 2015.  I might just give it away to my buddy for free or sell locally.  Not really sure yet, but I do know there is no possible way I can make it anymore.  Bumming... It looks fairly painless to transfer the ticket.  It's not a tangible ticket, it's all web based editing and transfer according to the FAQ on this site.  PayPal is the safest and most convienent way if I don't just give the pass away.Message me if interested. 

Hello out there.  Didn't quite expect to receive so many offers for the 4 day pass, but wow.  Thing is, this isn't ebay and I'm not comfortable taking some crazy amount of money for the ticket.  This is MDF!  I want the buyer to be happy with the ticket, not thinking he/she spent too much cash.  Save that extra money and buy some merch with it...  support the bands of this awesome festival!  So the price is $280.  Just like a regular 4 day pass would cost you.  Post on here or message me with any questions or concerns.  The MDF site has all the details on how to transfer the e-ticket. 

Hi, I'm interested by your 4 day pass.

I have an early bird ticket for sale, it's good for all four days and I won't be able to attend this MDF. If you're interested, I can cut you a deal for sure.

i got paypal and i have money ready to transfer NOW to the first person who makes it happen - 4 day all venuethanks

Hi, I'm looking for a 4 day pass for my partners birthday, it would be the biggest surprise ever and I would really appreciate it.

Hey man, I would love to buy your early bird all access pass if you still have it.

UPDATE:  11/15/14Ticket has been sold to the first person that contacted me.  Thank you all for your interest.  Enjoy MDF everyone!  Be safe! 

Thanks!  And you.  :)

Yes absolutely this is not ebay and I'm not comfortable taking some crazy amount of money for the ticket for the saving thatave that extra money and buy.