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If You're Staying At The Quality Inn..

So my friend and I are booked to stay at the Quality Inn B-More at 110 St. Paul St.About 2 weeks ago, we were trying to square up expenses, so I went to double check my reservation and come to find out they had raised our room rates by almost $60/70 per night without telling us anything. After several calls to track down the manager we were able to get them to correct the rate back to what we had originally booked for.But in doing a little investigating and checking out some online reviews, apparently this hotel has a history of overbooking rooms then canceling at the last minute.According to one reviewer he had paid for his room months in advance, when he arrived the reservation had been cancelled without even letting him know in advance.If you're staying here, I would reccommend double checking your rates to ensure they haven't been changed, and that in fast you are still confirmed.None of us want to get into town and find that were stuck having to pay more money, or with no reservation at all - just a heads up!Cheers :)

Thank goodness you caught that in time; Everyone needs to call their hotel and confirm their reservation right now! Last year I used Priceline and booked a room at the Rodeway Inn. Showed up and the lady at the counter had no clue what was going on and acted like I was a scam artist or something, stared at my Priceline reciept for a solid 3 minutes before shrugging the whole thing off. I could of been majorly fucked over but  thankfully I was able to book a room at the Best Western a few blocks away. This year EVERYTHING is getting booked due to other events happening during late May. It's going to be impossible to have a plan B on the spot so *please* everyone call your hotel right now to confirm your reservation.

First I reserved a room at the wrong Rodeway Inn till a friend got me to confirm... Now I'm at the Abercrombie Inn.. lol..Looks like a hole.. But atleast I have somewhere close to crash for cheap

I hope you don't like your Room cleaned because the quality inn is a shithole. I stayed their last year and they want to charge nearly 200 bucks a night for a rat hole hotel .

Thanks for the heads up! Called a couple times to ensure my reservation was OK and that they wouldn't fuck it up because we had to get in super late (thanks, Denver tornados!) and we're all fine. The room is pretty nice too :) If anyone else staying here wants to drink Yuengling or eat metal continental breakfast together hit me up!

I got my room booked here. Never been to Baltimore so I have no idea what to expect at this hotel. Shithole or not I don't care. I'm on a solo mission and I've slept in worse. Lookin forward to Makin some new friends at this killer event!

reserved a room for two here as wellwill calling back often just to check thanks for the heads up anyone staying there, feel free to shoot me a message we'll go grab some grub

Appreciate the heads up. Called and confirmed my reservation. This is my first mdf, coming up from Tallahassee, so it'd be cool to have some people to drink with! Not sure if anyone is looking to split a room, but let me know. Fucking stoked!