When did Early bird tickets go on sale?

So read on this site, Early bird tickets were supposed to go on sale in August. Checked out the site today and it says they are sold out? WTF? When did they go on sale? Guess next year I will have to check everyday. Geez?

many many announcements went out about early bird tickets.   They went on sale July 19th and the 300 tickets were sold in just about 3 minutes.just because early bird tickets are sold out doesn't mean the fest is sold out....  General ticket sales haven't even started yet.  Final band announcements are slated for Aug 18th or so.  

Well guess I missed the many, many announcements cause I read back in June that Early bird tickets were going on sale in August and because I have a life did not check back to see if maybe they changed their minds. Yes, I am aware that the festival is not sold out. Was just hoping since I go every year that I could snag some early bird tickets. Apparently all the ticket scalpers were paying attention. Guess next year I will have to check the site every fing day. And no, I won't wait until the 18th. Guess I will be checking the site every fing day now, because wtf? Geez.........? Appreciate the info.

It would be nice if we were notified via email....especially those of us that go alot....The cruise even gives us a frequent buyer discount, early registration/purchase :  which is very cool....i did reserve my same hotel and room today...I know I wil be buying the all access tickets this year...I missed the boat by not buying Ram's head tickets this year....I will not miss that boat again.. Even though Edison was my favorite bands ...some kick ass bands was at the other venue

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Hello, everyone. Look for our update on Monday, August 18th around 12 pm EST. We will be announcing at least 40 bands that will round out the billing for MDF XIII!All ticket options will go on sale on Friday, September 5th. Stay tuned for a precise time. We will let you know who is playing each day before tickets go on sale.