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Maryland Deathfest 2015 Wishlist

Bands that never played at the fest: Aevangelist (Oregon?), Abazagorath, Azaghal, Baptism, Behexen, Bloodbath, Dark Fortress, Dark Funeral, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Dawn (Sweden) not sure if they play live, Deicide, Demoncy, Destruction, Gehenna (Norway), Gorgoroth, Hate (Poland) Hate Eternal, Hypocrisy, Immortal, Impiety, Infernal War, King Diamond (one night)/Mercyful Fate (another night), but both KD/MF on the same weekend, Kreator, Krisiun, Merrimack (France), Morbosidad, Necrodeath (Italy), Necronomicon (Canada), Nifelheim, Nile, Origin, Ragnarok, Root (Czech Republic), Satanic Warmaster, Svartsyn (not sure if they play live), Scarab (Cairo, Egypt), Triptykon (Retry), Witchrist (Retry)Returning bands that I missed: Mgla, The Ruins of Beverest, Goat Torment, Necros Christos (only caught the last half of their set), AbigailReturning bands: Venom, Destroyer 666, TsjuderReunion: Angel Corpse

Hollenthon (Austria) - more Martin Schirenc= MORE BETTER.  They rule and have never played the USA before.  Martin was here this year, so why not bring him back?Zombie Inc (Austria) - didn't I just say we need more Martin Schirenc?  But this is a straight up old schoolo death metal band, so it's a totally different from HollenthonAeon (Sweden) - only chance to play the USA was a 15 minute allowance on 2013 shitty Summer Slaughter tour, that no real extreme metal fan bothered withDordeduh (Romania) - the REAL version of Negura Bunget, would be their USA debutLoudblast (France) - underated old school band with killer new album.  Don't think they ever played USA before (Barge to Hell doesn't count as a US gig)Hail of Bullets (Netherlands) - its Hail of Fuckin' Bullets, do we need any other reason?  Last time here was 2011, so they need to come back.  Then I can bring me 10 yr old daughter who can salivate over Martin van DrunenSear Bliss (Hungary) - I like my black metal more varied.  They have been around since 1993 and never played the USA beforeLegion of the Damned (Netherlands) - one of those bands I figured would have played MDF before, but they haven't.  Killer death/thrashWolfheart (Finland) - yeah they are technically considered melodic death metal.  But it's not that pansy ass shit at all.  It's fast, heavy and viscious.  This would be my #1 band I want.  If they were booked, I wouldn't need any other band to make a ticket purchase!!!!!! Most of these would be USA debuts and the only chance most of us "non European festival" people have at seeing them. 

unanimated, dawn, naglfar, sacramentum, thulcandra, vinterland (although they played 2013)Any 1 or some of those and I will see you there.

Bands that have not played: Agathocles (Belgium), Totalitar (Sweden), Bl'ast, Blood Farmers, Acid King, Terrorizer, Inverloch (Australia), Lycantropy (Czech Republic), Poppy Seed Grinder (Czech Republic), Interment (Sweden), S.O.B (Japan), Death Breath (Sweden), and Brainoil.Returns: Doom (UK), Skinless, From Ashes Rise, Nunslaughter, Verbal Abuse, Deviated Instinct (UK), and AutopsyReunions: Gorefest (Germany), Iron Moneky (UK), Spazz, Disrupt, Sarcofago (Brazil)


Bands that could headline that haven't played yet: 1349, 3 Inches of Blood, A Pale Horse Named Death, Agnostic Front, Amorphis, Angel Dust, Annihilator, Anthrax, Bad Brains, Bal-Sagoth, Behemoth, Blasphemy, Blind Guardian, Borknagar, Cro-Mags, Danzig, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquillity, Decapitated, Deeds of Flesh, Deicide, Destruction, Devin Townsend Project, Edguy, Emperor, English Dogs, Enslaved, Excel, Finntroll, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Flotsam and Jetsam, Gamma Ray, Girlschool, Gojira, Gorgoroth, GWAR, HammerFall, Hate Eternal, Helloween, High on Fire, Hirax, Hypocrisy, Iced Earth, Immortal, Into Eternity, King Diamond, Kreator, Krisiun, Massacre, Master, M.O.D., Motörhead, Origin, Overkill, Paradise Lost, Powerglove, Primordial, Sabbat (JP), Sabbat (UK), Samael, Satyricon, Septicflesh, Skeletonwitch, Suicidal Tendencies, Symphony X, Terrorizer, Testament, The Black Dahlia Murder (I'd love to see them play, but I doubt the rest of the crowd would, lol!) The Crown, The Haunted, Tiamat, T.S.O.L., Vader, Vista Chino Bands that haven't played yet (non-headliners): A Winter Lost, Abhorrence, Acheron, Aeon, Baphomet (US), Beheaded, Boris, Brutality, Cannabis Corpse, Centinex, Cerebral Bore, Chthonic, Crackdust, Criminal, Cypecore, Dååth, Darkane, Dawn, Desultory, Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Disavowed, Dissect (NL), Eternal Solstice, Evile, Facebreaker, Festerday/Havoc Unit, Funebrarum, God Seed, Gris, Heaven Shall Burn, Hour of Penance, Ignivomous, Korpse (UK), Kung-Fu Dykes, Lord Mantis, Merciless (SE). Mercyless (FR), Morpheus Descends, Nashville Pussy, Nuclear Vomit, Obscura, Oathean, Old Man Gloom, Pentacle, Premonitions of War, Pro-Pain, Purtenance, Rotting Christ, Rottrevore, Sad Legend, Seance (SE), Skeletonwitch, Soreption, Spawn of Possession, Sorcery (SE), Sunn O))), Svart Crown, The Ocean, Toxic Holocaust, Uncanny, Vektor, Warbringer, Wrust Bands that had to drop, who should be given another chance: Carpathian Forest, Death Breath, Dodheimsgard, Exodus, Goatsnake, Morgion, Naglfar, Sodom, Stormcrow, The Church of Pungent Stench, Triptykon, Ulcerate, Ulver, Unanimated, Witchrist Reunited bands (even if its a one-night deal): Acid Bath (one can wish, right?), Alabama Thunderpussy, Altar of Plagues, Angelcorpse, Animosity, Bloodlet, Bongzilla, Botch, Burning Witch, Burnt By The Sun, Capharnaum, Deadguy, Demolition Hammer, Discordance Axis, Dismember, Dystopia, Ex Deo, Forbidden, His Hero Is Gone, Hypnosia, Isis, Mercyful Fate, Nevermore, Order From Chaos, Pride and Glory, Sarcofago, Slugathor, Solstice, Spazz, Strapping Young Lad, Stormtroopers of Death, Superjoint Ritual, Thorr's Hammer, Vio-lence, Warhorse, Weakling, Zyklon Returning bands: Absu, Atheist, Autopsy, Avulsed, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Convulse, Cryptopsy, Dead Congregation, Disma, Entombed, God Macabre, Impaled Nazarene, Internal Bleeding, Mayhem, Melechesh, Mitochondrion, Morbid Saint, Morgoth, Nunslaughter, Pelican, Pestilence, Rotten Sound, Sigh, Sleep, Speedwolf, Venom, Vomit Remnants, Watain, Weedeater, Winter, Wolves in the Throne Room, YOB

satyricon and zyklon both have played before

why does text wrap, making evey post look like utter shite ?!?!?!

CARNAGE... If only....DEMOLITION HAMMER ...if only...King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, Anime Morte, Worship, Abysmal Grief, Proclamation, Dead Congregation (Because they were amazing last time and will be again), Paradise Lost, Trypticon (considering the cancellation), CARNAGE!!!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!,  CRO-MAGS!!!!!!, Vader. Keeping the list short. Would love to see each of these at MDF 2015             

Fields of the nephilim that is all i need

The Day of the Beast,  Immortal, God Seed (I know, never happen due to passport/visa shit, but it's a wish list), Cirith Gorgor, Gojira, Hellgoat, Emperor, Swallow the Sun, Elliott's Keep, Borknagar, Forefather, Sig Ar Tyr, Imperium Dekadenz, Sacred Reich, Behexen, Sadistic Intent, Nominon. that's a good start.

Sodom! Tom dosent like to tour, but they have done 70K tons of metal, so its possible. Also, get King Diamond to shit or get off the pot & play a show in the US!

King Diamond is doing that Fun Fun Fun fest in Texas this year.  It seems very unfitting for his type of music.  My guess it's because he lives in Dallas, TX.  Anyway, other bands to mention are Amon (Former Deicide members), Nader Sadek, Svarttjern, Centurian, and try for Carpathian Forest again.

SADUS plays Illusions. Im calling it now.And if you guys could get SALEMS POT to play Doom day..... also SATANS SATYRS were at the fest, let em play next year! lastly, IRKALLIAN ORCALE PLEAASE 

Midvinter, Dawn, Sodom, Cruor Cultum, Gates of Ishtar, Sacramentum, Sadus, Beowülf

Please get HEWHOCORRUPTS back together for one more show.

Entombed, Napalm Death , Misery Index, Dying Fetus, Sacred Reich, Venom, Asphyx, Incantation, and how about a Sepultura/Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy/Nailbomb set.

I've always been a big fan of TON from Ohio and they just got back together after 14 years. Perfect timing for MDF 2015!!

 band that havent playedDisrupt, Dystopia, Bongzilla, Toxic narcotic, Mod/Sod, Bongzilla, Mindflair, sodom, Saviours, Goatwhore, Psycho (US), Livstid, Green Jelly, Despise (CHZ), Poppy Seed Grinder, Bleching Beet, Mucopus, insectwarfare, Hatred Surge, Rotting Christ, Goat Penis, Grief..... The list goes on and onBands to returnCock and Ball Torture, Macabre, Looking for an awnswer, Winter, Romperprop, Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Buzzo*ven, Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, Infest, autopsy, Ghoul, Gut, Last days of Humanity, Doom, Melvins, Pentagram, magrudergrind 

1. Emperor 2. Immortal 3. Skinless 4. Vomitory 5. Aborted 6. Krisuin 7. Opeth 8. Abominable Putridity 9. Vader 10. Spawn of Possession 11. Alterbeast

Bored at work....Some MDF 2015 predictions:Behexen, Gorgoroth, Deicide, Nile, Abolishment of Flesh, Immortal, Triptykon(for real this time), Acid king, Goya, Nile(Surprisingly they have never played mdf), Origin, Aeon, 1349, Strapping Young Lad (WHY THE FUCK NOT?), Behemoth, Enslaved, total fucking destruction, nausea, phobia, Athiest, Terrorizer, Pig destroyer (again), dysryhtmia, kreator, Cannabis Corpse, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET CARPATHIAN FOREST BACK ON!, Funebrarum, Chthonic, Death to all, Ulcerate, ACID BATH (one can dream cant he?), Absu, Cryptopsy, Mayhem (I have such a strong feeling about them bc they are touring in EU now and they have played mdf before), speedwolf (yes again), Melechesh, NAILS, MOD, Vader, Vital Remains, Entombed A.D,Auric, Bongzilla, High on Fire, Acid witch, Beyond creation, NAKED CITY (or some other crazy noise band) Ghost, Cemetary Rapist, Nunwhore Commando 666, impaling infection, Goatwhore, Vomitory, Spawn of Possession. As far as headliners im thinking king diamond or even merciful fate, seems possible. Would actually like to see Demolition hammer, Possessed, Necrophagist, Dismember...but it will never happen.I know that a lot of these bands will not get picked due to their popularity but what ever its worth a shot.

Nile, Solstice, Behemoth, Carach Angren, Revocation, Aeon, Cattle Decapitation, Pallbearer, Beyond Creation, Spawn of Possession, Immolation, Possessed, Rivers of Nihil, Black Crown Initiate, Septicflesh, Fallujah, Grave, and it would be amazing to see King Diamond/Mercyful Fate headlining.

Just a couple of requests: bastard feast, young and in the way, emperor, yautja, Marduk, walk through fire,tombs, thou, Graf orlock, septicflesh, secrets of the sky, goatwhore, hate eternal, hexis, primitive man, dissection, the great old ones, cult leader, pallbearer, nails, noctum, blut aus nord, batillus, black anvil, the atlas moth, Boris, noisem, hark, black tusk, and lantlos

Wishlist Pt II: 1. Portal, 2. Gorod, 3. Tombs, 4. Enslaved, 5. Vainaja, 6. God Seed, 7. Septicflesh, 8. Soreption, 9. Borknagar, 10. Iron Reagan

Immortal is who I'm mostly hoping for! Also Melechesh, behemoth, Enslaved, Watain, Morbid Saint, LEGION OF THE DAMNED (far as I know, they have NEVER played in North America, and rarely if ever outside of Europe), Dimmu Borgir (preferably playing all of an old album, namely Deathcult Armmagedon or Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia), Electric Wizard, SIGH, Finntroll, SULPHUR AEON! Since I wasn't able to make it to this years fest: Bolzer, Hooded Mence, Inquisition, Taake, Tankard

Please Book Hail of Bullets, Grand Supreme Blood Court (strike up a contract with MVD to bring 1 of his bands every other year to mdf, :))Darkthrone, Blasphemy, M:pirevil (please contact tony dolan on here about booking),Razor, Exciter (w/Beehler), Monstrosity,Angel Witch, Behexen, Assassin (de),Destruction,Deceased,Grave, Holy Moses,Sodom, Bulldozer ,Destroyer 666, Satan,Gospel of the Horns,Necrodeath, Impaled Nazarene,Prime Evil, Triptykon (makeup),Teitanblood,Unanimated, Valenfyre, Necronomicon (de), Impiety, Necrophagia, King Diamond.

My short & simple wishlist: Scott O))), King Diamond, Ufomammut, ISIS, Colour Haze, Deafheaven, Lento, Neurosis, Electric Wizard, Goatwhore, Blood Ceremony, Astra, The Sword, Ghost, YOB, Elder, 1349, Boris, and Tank

CONAN. Jon Davis just did an [interview with the Obelisk]( saying that something like MDF would be one of the only ways they could foresee playing the States. Would love to see that go down, especially considering how devastating Bongripper was this year. Also, a hearty +1 on Elder. Others that would rule: - YOB - Sun and Sail Club - Gozu - Inter Arma - Lord Dying - Thou - Om - Valient Thorr - Old Man Gloom - Wovenhand - Atomic Bitchwax - Eyehategod - Karma to Burn