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Thank you

Thank you Ryan and Evan for anothergreat MDF weekend!

Yes, thank you - It was fantastic! All the music was great, beer was cold and easily available. Food was great.
  • Pre-fest: was excellent. Saw Immolation first time, and I think they were did of the best DM shows I have ever seen. Killer sound also.
  • Thursday: Ramshead was good. Coffins were the best.
  • Friday: MGLA, and Taake was the best of the MDF XII. Incredible band!
  • Saturday: Tankard was my favourite. Great time! Almost lost my flip flops...
  • Sunday: Pseudogod and Inquisition were my favourites. Could barely wake up on Sunday but once I got to the Edison lot I was like a new man.
If I can suggest any improvements to a party that's already near perfect:
  • Picnic tables close to the food, or vice versa. Maybe in the shaded area under the bridge. Also maybe couple more picnic tables.
  • Last shows of the day (at Edison lot) were either too much (loud) for the sound system or my 45 year old ears (with earplugs).  I don't know which one to blame. I had the same issue at Sonar location in previous years. No biggie anyways.

Thanks Ryan and Evan. Maybe next year, the picnic tables could be near the entrance on the left side.  I noticed that there was emptiy space at the end of merchandise row (behind the tent).  Maybe the merchandise booths can be scooted further back to put those two lone foodstands in there and put the picnic tables there.

There was a reason the picnic tables were at that location. It is the most shaded area in the lot. My only recommendation would be to allocate a section for participating bands' merchandse (and preferably closer to the stages). Having to walk back to the merch area every few hours to see if a band dropped off merchandise to the MDF table was inconvienient. Also, it was just by chance that I noticed Uncle Acid selling shirts and prints in the tent. More transparency (merch schedules, etc.) would be great.

Had an amazing time! All the bands I was able to catch sounded great! Security was awesome for the most part (the fat ass that speared the idiot into Kurt during Crowbar was a little out of line IMO). One suggestion for next year, ATMs within the gates so you don't have to go back through security every time you need cash. Other than that, AMAZING! Can't thank you guys enough! -Joel

My wife and I (frequent attendee's sinf MDF 3 @ House Of Rock) want to thank the organizers for the inclusion of excellent beer (Snake Dog IPA) at the fest. Please continue including an IPA as part of the beer selection. Thanks, in advance.