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So me and my lady flew into Baltimore this morning, had a nice relaxing day doing non MDF stuff. Went to Lexington Market for some good grub (as we did last year) but there was one difference this time around. Last year we weren't there but 10 minutes and I had three sketch dudes asking if I needed weed. That time last year I wasn't smoking so I wasn't looking. Today we were there about an hour roaming around. I got asked if I was looking for just about every pill and opiate imaginable, BUT NO WEED! Well with all that said, I don't drink so would love to get some green. Not a lot, like an 1/8. I know this isn't the smartest means of going about this, but neither is hitting up sketch balls at Lexington Market :-D. Lastly, promise I'm not a cop, just a regular metal head that likes to smoke! Any help would be great!

There is a guy who brings excellent stuff from the West Coast every year (edibles, buds, joints) and is generally a cool dude. PM me and I will set you up with his contact info for the Fest! 

Hey guys,        First day of MDF was great! Now im bummed because i have no WEED! Can anyone hook a brother up from TEXAS?!?! looking for any amount, just need to smoke some bowls before Candlemass and My Dying Bride. PM if you have any or know where to get some! Thanks!