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For real?

God dammit what a fuckin joke. This is terrible. I move to Peru for 4 1/2 years, looking forward to my first MDF in 6 years.....and this is the lineup I am looking at? Seriously. Why so much black metal at a so-called "deathfest"? Don't start the whole diversity bullshit either. My past MDF experience consist of more of brutal death,some old school death,gore/grind sort of shit. Milwaukee didn't call themselves a "deathfest", but a metalfest....which is what Maryland seems to have become. Which is fine..just don't mislead me. Philly and Las Vegas looks more like the fests for me to welcome myself back to US festivals.


Go back to Perú, might be better metal festivals down there, right? :D

Hmm. Avery...interesting. Did you even read my post? I never said MDF sucks or attacked any fans of the fest. I was at the first 3 MDF's, yes that's been a while ago. I just assumed it was pretty much the same format, or at least similar. After all, its called a deathfest. I figured there would be elitists that would bash me. I find it funny though. I don't take offense. Also, I never compared US fest to a fest in Peru. So....what the fuck are you talking about? All I wanted was some answers, not off the wall remarks. So mabye someone that can read can clear this up for me. Why the change from majority death and grind stuff to mostly black metal???? yet still tell me this is a "deathfest"? Hey, its a valid question.

No, really, the first thing that came to my mind was: $ But I guess the fest just got bigger attendance and therefore these people requested more variety. I like both black and death metal so im happy to see all those bands in the same weekend. No offense man.

Well, here's a link that may explain it a bit better: 

Don't lose sleep over it, man. 

I'm looking to see many bands again and check out new bands, no matter the goofy labels. 

You are taking the name too literally, "Deathfest" is called that not necessarily because it will  be primarily made up of Death Metal bands. And on my personal opinion, Black Metal is awesome and one of my favorite sub genres, it can be the darkest of the dark! But anyway, we need more Black Metal in fests here, it's important it doesn't get enough representation.  P.S: You sound very arrogant, try organizing your own fest and invite the bands you'd like. Oh and BTW I'm from Peru too...

How about you go to Chile?? metal festivals and shows in Chile do not compare to anything in the Americas right now

Thats why they have the sound stage now, I do agree on what your saying though, when bands like ulver and down are being booked its going away from its roots, I wannna know why they didn't have one pitch shifted band this year though, missed my romp moment :'( but its still a killer fest