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First Ten Bands Announced

So who will be the first bands to be confirmed?

I can dreamAEON, My Dying Bride, November's Doom, Zombie Inc, Triptykon, Hollenthon, Abyssal, Portal, Sear Bliss, Master's Hammer

You had me at Aeon! I just couldn't bring myself to go to Summer Slaughter this year just for them. Triptykon would be nice too.

Bands that already have been confirmed:  Gorguts:  (Nice!) I will watch their set; At the Gates: (Nice!) I will watch their set;  Taake:  (SWEET!) The band that I will definitely not miss (So far that's the primary band keeping me going there).  All the other bands I never heard of and I am now checking them out on Youtube.

At the Gates-Pretty rad that they got them to play! Will be interesting. I hope they play a mix of old and newer more melodic stuff. Taake-Badass that they are on the bill. Not getting too excited though, they might drop off. Hoping not. Mgla-Them being on there is a shocker! How on earth did they come up with them? I am very amazed and happy. Gorguts returning is great. Maybe I can finally see them again. Hemdale and Excruciating Terror being on there is awesome. I  am happy to see some grindbands still being put on the line up. Solstafir I do not know much by, but them being from Iceland is cool in itself. Bongripper are instrumental doom. I have never seen an instrumental band live before. Should be cool. I know Pelican were instrumental, but I didn't go the day they played.

I was fortunate enough to see Solstafir on Barge to Hell twice. They have an odd vibe which to me came off as somewhat original. Not sure how well they fit with MDF hardliners but I'm thrilled Taake forced my hand on the early bird!

UNLEASHED!!!!! That just made my day.

Uncle Acid and theDeadbeats....that is all.