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Taake getting into the states

What are the chances of Taake (Hoest) getting a visa? I see a cancellation in the future.

given the error with carpathian forest last year i'd like to believe that has all been taken care of before they announced the band

MDF addressed this already.  If they had doubts they would not have booked them. Ultimately whatever happens at customs is beyond their control but they seemed confident that things would work out.

As the user above said, the seem confident and worked things out, but until then, i refuse to get too excited over them playing as I did with Carpathian Forest and they dropped off. Alot of Norwegian BM bands seem to have visa problems. I hope they can get more finnish BM like Behexen or Calvarium. Horna were amazing! Wish I had gone the day Sargeist played.

Split the flights so they don't arrive as a band?  Tourists who spend money are always welcome.Just a suggestion...

If Taake doesn't show, I will be SEVERLY disappointed... 

They just played Montreal. Canada is pretty strict. I think they hopefully should be ok.

I saw this posted from Triptykon this morning on their FB page and their website-

"pending the issuance of the proper visas by US authorities, Triptykon's return to the United States for an exclusive appearance at Maryland Death Fest".

Are Triptykon in danger of being no-shows at MDF????? I was really looking forward to seeing them. If so that REALLY sux.

I just saw that. They still have a few months to get visas. They better get to MDF or there will be many pissed off mfers!!!!

From the MDF facebook: If you belong to the group of people who were skeptical about Taake receiving US visas, well, the visa approval notice from the government was retrieved from our mailbox today, so there is no reason to believe that they won't be at MDF. Check them out on Friday, May 23rd at the Edison Lot

Still...i would feel more secure if it were listed among the events on their FB!