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It's raining and 35 degrees out side, as was to be expected. I wake up on my first day off in six days already debating if I should even fuck with the ever growing mountain of personal shit I should be taking care of. Go outside and smoke half a cigarette. Fuck that, too cold. Smoke a bong rip instead, which is immediately followed by to back to back calls from work. God damnit. But right as I was ready to say "fuck it all" and fall back asleep in a cloud of my own weed smoke, I hear a knock. It's the Coffins/Noothgrush split I forgot I had pre ordered! No better soundtrack to a bitter, dismal day such as this one. Now on my third listen of this amazing record and it is getting me even more excited for the fest that us still seven months away. Both of these bands are big ones for me as far as MDF is concerned. Especially considering I have never seen either one live before. Any one else looking forward to these guys as much as me?

Yes. Definitely looking forward to seeing both these bands. I've seen COFFINS twice before and I enjoyed watching them play. Still, I hope their set on Thursday surpasses all others. It's quite a spectacular lineup that night! As for NOOTHGRUSH, I've never seen them perform and I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to it. Not sure why they got thrown into the Baltimore Sound Stage lineup, but I'm not one to complain. I'll be there front and center.

Yeah, I thought the sound stage for them was a little weird myself, especially considering Graves At Sea are playing the main venue. I was a little bummed to find out that Noothgrush/Coffins weren't sharing a day/stage with each other, but it's a very minor complaint. I am excited to see Dino with Noothgrush though. His vocals kill on the split and it will be my first time seeing him in a band where he's not veiled in a bloody hood I.E. Ghoul.