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Am I the only one a little disappoinoted that Ulver have been added? I love old Ulver but there new electronic stuff is not exactly what I want to hear at a metal festival. I'm all for diversity, and being open minded but Ulver don't really fit the bill. They state on the description of the band on this website that they will be playing songs from their "famous"shows in 2009, and 2010 in London, and Berlin etc at MDF. Yet in these shows no metal was actually played. I'm sure I will get  flamed for this post but I feel that some have no idea what Ulver now plays. Look at the comments on the FB page that say "Taake, Mgla, Ulver" makes me think that people believe they will be getting the Ulver of old, and that Ulver has been dead for 10 years. Don't get me wrong, I love MDF, and look forward to the festival, I'm just disappointed that an electronic group will be playing at a metal fest. Yes they have a history in BM, but now they are electronic.  I wouldn't go to a jazz festival and want to hear Testament because Alex plays in a jazz  trio.

As long as their some other options to see other bands during Ulver's set, that should satisfy all parties. It is an odd choice, especially since Ulver will be playing their electronic stuff, but it is their first time in the US, so thats gotta be worth something. 

There will be another options meanwhile Ulver plays. I will be there to see Ulver, for sure. I basically agree with turbofrost. And I am not excpecting to see old black metal Ulver to be honest. I do listen to mainly old school-ish or propper old school metal (Death, black, thrash, heavy...) However, this is a true rarity. It's a big ass festival. It cannot be as bad to be complaining about it. I mean, Uvler does a very interesting dark atmospherical shit that I am sure some people will be able to enjoy, So, as Turbofrost said, there will be a way to satisfy all parties. Ulver is a very unique and interesting band, with a particular performance in stage. For me that is worthy to see, nevertheless the electronic side of it.

The Ulver of nowadays makes absolutely no sense on the MDF billing, but I'm still ecstatic to see them there. I can understand why some people would be disappointed but I, for one, will not be raising any fuss.

Yeah, definitely a little disappointing. I'll still check it out though. I can get down with a dark and atmospheric non metal set. Shit, the best show I've seen in the past month was Goblin scoring Suspiria and it was amazeballs. Even better than a lot of the metal bands that played the same fest...

I'm with you. I'm a big fan of old and new Ulver so I think it's great, but I can understand why people wouldn't care to see them. That being said, there are so many other awesome bands there. It may be a good time to just grab a beer or something to eat. It's not like we're short on awesome bands.