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Maryland Deathfest 2017 Wishlist

What bands would you like to see play at MDF for the first time? What bands would you like to see return at MDF? And what bands would you like to see reunite at MDF?

G.I.S.M.   .......hey man...I'd pay an extra fee to have them come to MDF! ROADBURN got them to play....why not MDF? DISCHARGE    ....give them a chance to make up for this year.... VARUKERS   ....fuck yeah.....more UK punks ISKRA    .....ummm...yeah!!!! COFFINS  .....always a killer performance from them LOUDNESS   ....make next year a Japan theme.... ROSE ROSE this Japan idea... VHOL   ...bring Aesop Dekker to the East Coast... KILLING JOKE   .....awesome idea.... E.N.T.   ....have they ever played MDF? SARKE   ...they killed it at MDF the last time... TOXIC HOLOCAUST   ...this would be rad as hell POISON IDEA   ...they could do their cover of "Endless Blockades"....since you're gonna get G.I.S.M. to play... CHELSEA WOLFE   ...would be awesome at Ram's Head.... DIAMANDA GALAS   ....why not shoot for the moon?....   

Extreme Noise Terror played in 2007.  They would be sick to see again.

+1 for Sarke

Bombs of Hades, Entrapment, Memoriam (I'm sure that's in the works already!),  Exodus, The Accused with Blaine on vocals, Warcry, Corpsessed, Sewer Goddess, Saxon, Grave, Vastum, Necrot, Iron Angel, Beyond Possession (reunion), Mental Abuse, Nevermore (reunion), Possession, Spectral Voice, Skeletal Remains, Krypts, Vampire, Tyrant, Vanhelgd, Helstar, Burial Invocation, Extreme Noise Terror, Straight Ahead (reunion), Carnage (reunion), Insanity, Oozepus, Wolf. More death metal, more punk, more NWOBHM!

Wishlist 2017 Nonexist (Sweden) Zafakon (Puerto Rico) The Forsaken (Sweden) Malon (Argentina) 

I forgot Crude SS!

First time - Ares Kingdom, Borknagar, Cult of Fire, Mortem, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Force of Darkness, Slaughtbbath, Sabbat, Lvcifyre, Macabre Omen, Impiety, God Dethroned, Denial of God, Dodheimsgard, Order, Akercocke, Endstille, Gorgoroth, Eurynomos, Infernal Majesty, Stargazer, Metal Church, Metalucifer, Varathron, Nifelheim, Sulphur Aeon, Svartidaudi, Zemial, Witchery, Toxik, Coffin Texts.....Return - Nightbringer, The Chasm, Midnight, Mortuary Drape, Mgla, Cruciamentum, Antaeus, Wrathprayer, Pseudogod, Necros Christos, Mystifier (so good they should play again), Necrophobic, Bolzer, Destroyer 666, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Arcturus, Sadistic Intent.....Reunion - Dismember, Vomitory, Order From Chaos, Mercyful Fate, Oppressor, Forest of Impaled. 

Insect Warfare

Most wanted: The Crown; God Dethroned; Scythian; Mgla; Destroyer 666;                            Also would be awesome: Sulphur Aeon; Forefather; Thulcandra; Cut Up; Rimfrost; Obsequiae; October Tide

Kreator, Derketa, Sapremia, Cardiac Arrest, Immortal, Circle Of Dead Children, Abbath, Gorephobia, Baphomet, Gorgoroth, Deathspell Omega, Therion, Tiamat, Agathocles, Superjoint, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Impetigo, United By Hate, Post Mortal Possession, Iniquitous Savagery, Disrupt, Disentomb, Vektor, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Necrophagia, Wormreich, Belphegor, Rotting Christ, Young And In The Way, Wolvhammer, Short Bus Pile Up, False, Axebomber, Pharoah, Of Feather And Bone, Lucifer, Electric Citizen, Brimstone Coven, Krisiun, 

HIRAX!!! Totally loved them and their energy!! Would love to see them again!!!! 

I'd love to see some extreme metal bands from the underground southeast fill some early slots. Here's a few bands that have been touring regularly in the region and all put on killer shows.
  1. Suppressive Fire -
  2. Cemetery Filth -
  3. All Hell -
  4. Death of Kings -
  5. Sadistic Ritual -

Vio-lence, Epidemic, Inquisition, Immortal, Gorgoroth, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Entombed, Abysmal Lord, Archgoat, Bolt Thrower, Grave,

These would be great for MDF 2017 imo: Brutality, Funebrarum, Eucharist, Dismember, Dark Funeral, Marduk, Denial Of God, Grave, Revenge, Abbath, Immolation, Merciless, Revel in Flesh, Sorcery, Entombed, Merciless, Necrophobic, Archgoat, Satanic Warmaster, Hypocrisy, Moonsorrow, Enslaved, Nargaroth, thanks!

More...Gates of Ishtar, Feral, In Aeternum, Batushka, October Tide, Ragnarok, Nordjevel, Lord Belial, Desultory, Unanimated, Disrupted, Kampfar, Maim, Goat Semen, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Grave...Grave...

Bands that never played:  Baptism, Besatt, Gorgoroth, God Seed, Hate (Poland), Nargaroth, Satanic Warmaster, Scarab (death metal from Cairo, Egypt), Svarttjern, Ungod, Returns:  Cryfemal, Darkened Nocturn, Slaughtercult, Demonic Christ, Destroyer 666, Goat Torment, Necros Christos, Profanatica, Solstafir, The Ruins of Befverast.  Reunions one can dream about: Emperor, Mercyful Fate

Sigh from Japan.

Death: Timeghoul, Macabre, Akercocke (recent reunion), Dead Congregation (rarely comes to the US), Malignancy (had to cancel this year), Brodequin (recent reunion), Dripping, Undergang, Convulse (World without God set), Ignivomous, Carnage.Thrash: Destroyer 666, Slaughter, Gammacide, Coroner, Ratos de Porao, Vio-Lence, Evildead, S.O.D., Gehennah, Wrathchild America.Heavy: Raven, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Tank. Black: Sarcofago, Darkthrone, Svartidaudi, Malthusian, Altarage, Plague Widow.Stoner/Sludge: Melvins, Sleep, Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Church of Misrery, Come to Grief (recent reunion), Iron Monkey.Hardcore Punk: Black Flag (FLAG would be fine too), Poison Idea (cancelled CDF appearance), Misfits (recent reunion with Danzig), Subhumans.Crust: Skitslickers (Down for reunion "if money is there"), Anti Cimex, Riistetyt, Totalitar, Discharge, GISM, Death Side (They just played their first us gig), Bastard.Powerviolence: Siege (recent reunion), Crossed Out, No Comment, Rupture (Australia), Charles Bronson, Extortion (had to cancel last year's tour), Nails (just put out an new album).Grind: Assuck, Regurgitate (haven't been active lately), Lykathea Aflame (Haven't been active lately), Impetigo, Insect Warfare (recent reunion), 324, Wormrot, Discordance Axis, Brutal Truth, Last Days of Humanity, Disgorge (Mexico).

Infernal Majesty, Necrophobic, Destroyer 666, Brutality, Skeletal Remains, Goatwhore, and as always Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower, Mortician, Malignancy, Outre, Blut Aus Nord, Varathron, Evildead, G.BH., Dying Fetus, Cannabis Corpse, High on Fire, Church of Misery, Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Ahab, Thy Antichrist, Panopticon, Naglfar, Gorgoroth, Denial of God, Ragnarok, Slaughtbbath, Sadus, Xentrix, Dead in the Mangers, Ratos de Porao, Morbosidad, Xibalba (Mexico), Dismember, Fukpig, Be'lakor, Kalmah, Impiety, Revenge, Archgoat, Om, Saturnus, Body Count, Brujeria, Teutonic 4 (easily could headline the edison for a day), Bestial Mockery, Zyklon, Altar of Plagues, Teitanblood, Unanimated, Nifelheim, Von, Violator, Loudblast, Vader, Mgla, Gutalax, Exumer, Old Man's Child, Kraanium, Ravencult, Young in the Way, Gorgasm, Thornspawn, Terrorizer, Korzus, Sulphur Aeon, Eyehategod, Kult of Azazel, Hellcannon and EMPEROR (they have played Euro and Canadian fests!!)

Emperor, Vio-Lence, Ulver, Cavalera Conspiracy (Old School Sepultura set), Sodom, Anathema, Terrorizer, Municipal Waste

Acid Witch, Armored Saint (old school set), Benediction, Bolt Thrower/Memoriam, Brujeria, Candlemass/Krux, Cathedral (reunion set), Cattle Decapitation, Church of Misery, Coffins, Cough, Cripple Bastards, Dark Funeral, Deceased, Desultory, Diamond Head, Dismember (reunion set), Electric Wizard (Dopethrone set), Embalmer, Emperor, Exhumed, Flotsam and Jetsam, Fuck the Facts, Goatess, Gorgoroth, Grindmother, Ilsa, Lawnmower Deth, Locrian, Macabre, Malignancy (makeup for this year), Marduk, Master, Mercyful Fate (old school reunion set), Mercyless, Metal Church, Monstrosity (w/ Corpsegrinder), Mortician, Napalm Death, October Tide, Oppressor, Possessed, Ripping Corpse (reunion), Sacred Reich, Saint Vitus (w/ Scott Reagers), Skinless, Solitude Aeturnus, Tiamat, Trenchrot, Trouble (w/ Eric Wagner), Unseen Terror, Witchfinder General (w/ Zeeb), Wolves in the Throne Room, more doom, old school death, and classic metal in general.

I'll keep this list short as I could go on and on....


First timers: Thulcandra, Cor Scorpii (Windir songs too maybe?), Myrkskog, Abbath, Brain Drill, Spawn of Possession (I think were booked for MDF1 but never played?), Internal Suffering (I think never played...)

Returns: Taake, Destroyer 666, Denouncement Pyre, Prosanctus Inferi


And to second Dopethrone69's post.... Cavalera Conspiracy (Old School Sepultura set)!!!

Kommandant, Dark Fortress, Eudaimony (if they would ever tour), Autopsy, Electric Wizard, Gorgasm, Crucaimentum, Derketa, Saint Vitus, Morbid Angel (with Steve Tucker), Brutality, Anata, Spawn of Possession, Avulsed, God Seed, Possessed, Vehemence, Vital Remains, Guttural Secrete, Lock Up, Blut Aus Nord, Beherit, Death To All, Aborted, Sigh, Esoteric, Borknagar, Vintersorg, Ulver, Godflesh, Lord Belial, Dawn (Sweden), Valkyrja, Hypothermia, Necrophobic, Gigan, Annihilator, Overkill.

Emperor (Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk in full), Dismember (Like an Everflowing Stream in full), Dark Angel (Darkness Descends in full), Forgotten Tomb, Shape of Despair, Ahab, Skepticism, Asphyx, Hooded Menace, Brujeria, Fields of the Nephilim, Exodus, Sacred Reich, Shining (Sweden), Sabbat (Japan), Abigail (Japan), Nifelheim, Bethlehem, God Macabre, Entombed AD, Grave, Marduk, Sunn O))), Evoken, Mortuary Drape, Bloodbath, Gorguts, God Dethroned, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Destruction, Tankard, My Dying Bride, Naglfar, Nokturnal Mortum, Elysian Blaze, Hate (poland),Hypocrisy,Abbath,Immortal,Gorgoroth (if you can get the studio lineup),Dark Funeral,Mercyful Fate reunion,Morbid Saint,The Ruins of Beverast,Enthroned,Psuedogod,Bolt Thrower,Behexen,Horna,Sargeist,At the Gates,Destroyer 666,Sodom (wishful thinking, I know, but one can dream),Razor

You guys are amazing this is my list please: Acheron Nifelhim Acherontas Morbosidad Goat Semen Grave Twister Sister Brutality Sarcofago God Dethroned The Grotesquery Mercyfulfate Please and keep it Brutal

Hello!!Pleeeease:  Bolt Thrower, Cancer, Grave, Sarcofago, Exumer, Asphyx, Pungent Stench, Unleashed... Thank you!

Sadus, Witchery, Vio-lence

Pungent Stench, Setherial, Dodheimsgard, Unanimated, Coffins, Abigail (Japan), Sabbat (Japan), Venom Inc., Ondskapt, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Nargaroth, Sigh, God Seed, Thorns, Sarke, Unleashed, Cryptopsy (None So Vile in full with Lord Worm on vocals, if that is possible), Angantyr, Kult ov Azazel, Shining (Sweden), Nocturnus AD, Taake, Hooded Menace, Asphyx and Wolves in the Throne Room.

Doom V.S., Blut Aus Nord, Hell (from Salem, Oregon), Wolves in the Throne Room, Esoteric, Skepticism, Evoken, Thou, False, Ataraxie, Asunder, Boris, Ea, Helevorn, Heretoir, Horsehunter, Lycus, Shape of Despair, Subrosa, Yob, Vestiges, Tempest, Of Solemn and Solitude, Plastic Violins of Darkness, Ufomammut, Pallbearer, Swallow the Sun, Jesu, Eyehategod, Thy Light, Les Discrets, Alcest, Deafheaven, Clouds Collide, Eyelessight, Dreariness, Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, Ulcerate, Dysrythmia, Gorguts, Nunhex, Devalued, No Qualms, Agalloch, Jarhead Fertilizer, Caveman Cult, Sapraemia, Hellwitch, Solstice, Ancestor, Hibernus Mortis, Orbweaver, Shitstorm, Maruta, Wrong, Recreant, Cloud Rat, Magrudergrind, Pig Destroyer, ISIS, Tool, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Coroner, Defeated Sanity, Animosity, Abnormality, Miriost, Chimp Spanner,  Sodom, A Forest of Stars, Anti, Cold World, Ethereal Shroud, Entropia, God Seed, Ghostbath, Ulver, Lustre, Darkspace, Locrian, Asshole Parade, To the Point,  Low Places, Nails, Insect Warfare, The Body, Young and In the Way, Swans, Early Graves, Disrupt, Nausea (the original American crust punk band), Disrupt, Atlas Moth, Witch Mountain, Shroud Eater, Holly Hunt, Irreversible, Electric Wizard, Alda, Sear Bliss 

I think asphyx, vektor, nails, cattle decap, king diamond, kreator, sodom, black tusk, lord dying, and the misfits would be cool. Maybe if you ask nice enough dismember will get back togethere and if your luck is good enough with that might as well ask Mercyful Fate to swing by. 

Insect Warfare, Assuck reunion, Ch'theilist, Embalmer, Putridity, Dead Congregation, Dystopia reunion, Dismember reunion, Viscera Infest, Gorgasm, Abyssal, Cruciamentum, Disentomb 

Intestine BaalismBal-SagothFastkillSabbat (JPN)NifelheimFar and away biggest dream pick but probably not gonna happen: Nokturnal MortumBut regardless of who you guys get, I'll have a killer time.

Anathema , In The Woods... (c'mon! do it!!!) , Impetigo (reunion) , Memoriam , Dr. Living Dead , Vampire , Embalmer , Tankard , F.K.U. , Chthe'ilist , King Parrot , Deceased , Nifelheim , Defiled , Mind of Asian , Pyogenesis , Macabre , Raw Power , Doom (Japan) , Virgin Steele (doing an all Exorcist set) , Exorcist =P , John Carpenter (Goblin went well so why not?!) , Undead , Whiplash , Piledriver , Wehrmacht , Sheer Terror

•An Autumn for Crippled Children
•Ancient Ascendant
•Black Shape of Nexus
•Carpathian Forest
•Cor Scorpii
•Milking the Goatmachine
•Moss of Moonlight
•Sunn O)))

•And Birdflesh every year!•

Please and thank you! :)

Birdflesh, Insect Warfare, Noothgrush, Impaled, Gallhammer, Ghoul, Exreme Noise Terror, Phobia, Dystopia, Death Toll 80k, Backslider, Dopethrone, Doom, Regurgitate, Revenge, Wormrot, Last Days of Humanity, Witchaven, Courrupt Leaders, DRI, Haemorrage 

Insect Warefare, Cattle Decapitation, Assuck (I can dream), Cephalic Carnage, Extreme Noise Terror, Maruta, Skinless, Cytotoxin, Katalepsy, King Parrot, Bastard Noise, Laughing Dog, Rage Nucléaire, Total Fucking Destruction, Mortician, Merzbow, Kraanium, GUT, Eyehategod, Disconformity, Child Bite, Akercocke, Brain Drill  

Immolation, Autopsy, Pestilence, Bloodbath, Emperor, Vhol, Vektor, Nails, Devouring Star, Obscure Infinity, Demilich, Rippikoulu, Death Karma

Forgotten Tomb, Shape of Despair, Shining (Sweden), Emperor (playing Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk in full), Candlemass (playing Epicus Doomicus Metallus or Nightfall in full), Akercocke, Ahab, Skepticism, Hypocrisy, Autopsy, Brujeria, Dead Congregation, Dismember (reunion playing Like an Ever Flowing Stream in full), Candlemass (playing Nightfall in full), Gorgoroth, Inquisition, Baptism (Finland), Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Angantyr, Horna, Behexen, Sargeist, Satanic Warmaster, Gorguts, Abbath, Bloodbath, My Dying Bride, Katatonia (Brave Murder Day in full), Satyricon, Entombed, Dying Fetus, Dark Funeral, 1349, Watain, Destroyer 666, Sinister, Vader, Funeral (gothic/doom From Norway), Mournful Congregation, Benediction, Pig Destroyer, Sleep, Bolt Thrower, Death to All, Noktunal Mortum, Eudaimony (if they were ever to do shows), Lord Belial, Dark Fortress, Acid Witch, Wolves in the Throne Room, Dark Angel (playing Darkness Descends in full), In Mourning, October Tide, Cough, Electric Wizard, Unleashed, Pungent Stench, Hate (Poland), Revenge, Pseudogod, The Ruins of Beverast and Kommandant.

Fields of the Nephilim, Hooded Menace, Nifelheim, Sigh, Ne obliviscaris, Ulver, Sunn O))), Borknagar, Vintersorg, Coffins, Superjoint Ritual, Deathhammer, Deathspell Omega (if they would ever fucking tour), Blut Aus Nord, Aborym, Bethelhem, Mortuary Drape, Dodheimsgard, Setherial, Nasum (one final reunion, make it happen), Nails, Ghost Bath, and Deceased.

Baphomet (ny death metal, just reunited), usurper, angantyr, make a change... kill yourself, susperia, windir (partial reunion), akercocke, vehemence, eucharist, sarcafago, von, the crown, dodheimsgard, carpathian forest, thryfing, black earth (the original arch enemy line up who has currently only done shows in japan), dark fortress, gehenna (the black metal band), benighted, darkthrone, burzum (highly unlikely but worth mentioning), ulver (possibly playing songs from the first three albums, but anything would be awesome), rapture, mourning beloveth, anorexia nervosa, silencer (the black metal band), xasthur, leviathan, graveland, graveworm, twin obscenity, pantheon I, mithotyn, mercyless, sacrifice, arcturus, aeternus, ancient, norther, limbonic art, berserk, the berserker, sanctuary, secret sphere, angra, ancient rites, fejd, heidevolk, ragnarok, naglfar, coroner, saturnus, aborym, terrorizer, gorgoroth, godseed, shining (the Swedish black metal band), drudkh, rudra, borknagar (especially since is vortex is back in the band along with vintersorg, you have two of the three areas of borknagar in the band at the same time!), vintersorg, kampfar, moonsorrow, endstille, cancer, cannibal corpse (with Chris Barnes on vocals), sepultura (a reunion with max and igor), sirenia, thorns, koldbrann, unanimated, Negura bunget, nightingale, edge of sanity, autumn, naglfar, farsot, witchery, mercyful fate, novembre, cadaver, carnage, devian, urgehal, hypocrisy, the day everything became nothing, lakethea aflame (they may have a different name now), tarot, hackneyed, lock up, demonoid, sentenced, gallhammer, bal sagoth, mithras, helheim, helveto, sabbat, insidious disease, ghost, skitliv, winterflyeth, onsalught, spiral architect, kronos, crematory (the German band), old man's child, dawn, vreid, dawn of demise, aeon.

Would be Cool to see the local Band  "Bestial Evil" on MDFThey would love to do it as well i think!

Discordance Axis, Dark Funeral, Dystopia, Moss, Acid King, Possessed, Toadliquor, Spazz, Charles Bronson, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Last Days Of Humanity, Circle Of Dead Children, Phobia, Inhume, Meth drinker, Grief, Muleskinner, Noothgrush, Anal Cunt with Seth Putnam hologram, Destruction, Kreator, Burning Witch, Sunn O))), Disembowelment, Esoteric, Cannibal Corpse playing Tomb of the Mutilated in its entirety for the album's 25th anniversary, Mindflair, GWAR, Ghoul, Internal Bleeding playing stuff off Driven to Conquer, Insect Warfare, Apartment 213, Dopethrone, Discharge, Sodom, Sleep, Fimbulwinter, Watain, Jesu, Eyehategod, Cough, Harvey Milk 

  • New: 1349, A Forest Of Stars, A Winter Lost, Abbath, Acid King, Aeon, Akercocke, Angelus, Animals As Leaders, Amiensus, Apatrida, Agent Orange, Babymetal, Bad Brains, Body Count, Batushka, Be'lakor, Beyond Creation, Black Crown Initiate, Black Inhale, Black Tongue, Boris, Borknagar, Bossk, Caliban, Cannabis Corpse, Cannibal Corpse, Carpathian Forest, Chthonic, Crackdust, Crisix, Cult of Luna, Danzig, Dark Fortress, Dark Funeral, Dark Tranquillity, Darkane, Death, Deeds of Flesh, Destruction, Devin Townsend Project, Discharge, Disrupted, Doomriders, Dr. Living Dead, Dååth, Earthship, Elder, Enslaved, Ereb Altor, Evile, Evocation, Ex Deo, Exodus, Feared, Finntroll, Flotsam and Jetsam, Foehammer, God Dethroned, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Gojira, Gorgoroth, Gormathon, Hate Eternal, Havok, Heaven Shall Burn, High On Fire, Hypocrisy, Immortal, In Mourning, In Vain, Inactive Messiah, Insect Warfare, Insominum, Katatonia, Karma To Burn, Killer Be Killed, King Diamond, Krisiun, Kung-Fu Dykes, Kvelertak, Lazarus A.D., Life of Agony, Lost Society, Merrow, Ministry, Monolord, Moonsorrow, Moonspell, Mors Principium Est, Naglfar, Nashville Pussy, Native Duaghters, Ne Obliviscaris, Nervosa, Nile, Noctum, Nuclear Vomit, Oathean, Obscura, Onslaught, Opeth, Otargo, Overkill, Pro-Pain, Prong, Quo Vadis, Rage, Ribspreader, Root, Rotting Christ, Sad Legend, Sanctuary, Satyricon, Savage Messiah, Scarab, Schammasch, Scissorfight, Septicflesh, Sikth, Skeletonwitch, Solitude Aeturnus, Sourvein, Stuck Mojo, Suicidal Tendencies, T.S.O.L., Tengger Cavalry, Terrorizer, The Crown, The Exploited, The Ocean, Tiamat, Toothgrinder, Toxic Holocaust, These Are They, Trepalium, Vader, Vehemence, Vektor, Viking Skull, Vision of Disorder, Vista Chino, Winterfylleth, Witch Mountain, Wrust, Zimmers Hole
  • Reunite: 3 Inches Of Blood, Acid Bath, Alabama Thunderpussy, Animosity, Bloodlet, Botch, Capharnaum, Cataract, Celtic Frost, Deadguy, Discordance Axis, Dismember, Edge of Sanity, Emperor, Forbidden, Hypnosia, Lard, Lykathea Aflame, Mercyful Fate, Nevermore, Red Harvest, Ripping Corpse, Sarcófago, Spazz, Stormtroopers of Death, Strapping Young Lad, Vio-Lence
  • Return: ACxDC, Aborted, Asphyx, Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Brujeria, Cattle Decapitation, Circle of Dead Children, Conan, Converge, Cough, Cryptopsy, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Discordance Axis, Extreme Noise Terror, God Macabre, Godflesh, Grave Miasma, Hirax, Immolation, Impaled, Impetuous Ritual, Skitsystem, Krallice, Man Must Die, Morbid Saint, Mystifier, Necrophobic, Nekrofilth, Noothgrush, Nunslaughter, Pallbearer, Primitive Man, Razor, Regurgitate, Saint Vitus, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Sigh, Speedwolf, Ulcerate, Unearthly Trance, Unsane, Vomit Remnants

And for my wishlist:Forgotten Tomb, Shape of Despair Official, Emperor official (playing Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk in full), Dismember Sweden (playing Like an Everflowing Stream in full), AHAB, Hooded Menace, INVERLOCH, Immortal, Entombed A.D., Overkill, Asphyx, God Macabre, God Dethroned, Eudaimony -official- (if they would ever tour), Horna Official, Gorguts, INQUISITION Official, Draconian, Venom Inc., Brujeria, Dark Funeral, WATAIN, Death Angel, Dark Angel Official (doing Darkness Descends in full), Bolt Thrower, Grave, GRAVEWORM OFFICIAL, Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Hypocrisy, Napalm Death (playing Scum in full), Ne Obliviscaris, Archgoat Official, Godflesh, Marduk Official, Wolves In The Throne Room, Kommandant, Exodus, SIGH (official page), SOILS OF FATE, Annihilator, Death To All, Evoken (Official), Mournful Congregation, Dead Congregation - Official, Dawn (sweden), Setherial, Dodheimsgard, Katatonia, Hate (poland), Make a Change… Kill Yourself, Angantyr, Ulcerate, Candlemass (doing Nightfall in full), The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Aborted, Borknagar, Vintersorg, Ondskapt, Ragnarok (Norway), THE FORESHADOWING and Nails.

Inveracity, Mass Infection,  Dead Congregation all from (GREECE)


Maryland Deathfest, you guys never cease to bring bands that I have only dreamed to see, keep up the great goddamn work. As for bands that I would love to see you bring: Forgotten Tomb, Shape of Despair, Emperor (have them play Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk in full), Dark Angel (have them play Darkness Descends in full), Dismember (have them play Like an Everflowing Stream in full), Asphyx (have them play The Rack in full), Hooded Menace, Draconian, Dodheimsgard, Godflesh, Naglfar, Eudaimony (if they will accept your offer to tour), Dark Funeral, Dark Fortress, Katatonia, Ahab, Inverloch, Candlemass (have them play Nightfall in full), Overkill, Destruction, Grave, In Mourning, October Tide, Evoken, Esoteric, Legion of the Damned, Malevolent Creation, Digested Flesh, Dawn (Sweden), Sacred Reich, Fields of the Nephilim, Exodus, Hate (poland), God Dethroned, Cobalt, Bolt Thrower, Sleep, Electric Wizard, Borknagar, Kreator, Exumer, At War, Revenge, Brujeria and HYPOCRISY!!!!

Blood I Bleed(Holland), Bathtub Shitters(Japan), Pisschrist(Australia), 3XM(US), Attitude Adjustment(US), Tu Carne(Spain), Pigsty(CZ). Thx in advance.