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Parking for Edison lot

This is the first year I will be going to the Edison Lot show.  Not very familiar with the area.  How is the parking?  Is it close to the lot where the show will be?  Any help is appreciated.......thanks

They have some other lots, but its pretty damn expensive...  You can always check the google for parking close by.  It is downtown baltimore so....

Most of the venues should be within walking distance of the Shot Tower Market Place metro subway/train station; parking is free at some of the stations a little further away (Old Court, Owings Mills, and some others), and the parking garages/lots appear to stay open all night (I've had no problems leaving late at night).  As long as you don't mind paying a couple dollars for a train ticket, you can park for free at, say, Old Court or Owings Mills metro station, and ride the subway/train in. The metro subway is fairly clean, safe, and comfortable, cheaper than parking closer in, and it's easy to navigate (there's only one route, it stops at about a dozen stops going one direction, stops, and reverses direction to stop at all the same stops going the other direction - if you miss the Shot Tower stop, just stay on the train when it stops at Johns Hopkins, and it'll make its way back to Shot Tower shortly.) The Shot Tower Station Northbound exit should open up right next to Ram's Head Live and Powerplant, and the Soundstage should be a block or two away.  The Shot Tower Station Northbound exit opens across the street, a few blocks from Edison Lot. If you choose to use this option, plan for the trip on the subway to take about 30 minutes betwen Owings Mills and Shot Tower Marketplace.  Note that the last train runs at midnight, and the one time I had a local cab driver drive me back to the parking garage, he claimed to not know the way, resulting in getting there via the cab driver's scenic route, so keep that in mind if you expect to leave the shows later than 11:30 at night.