Mayhem’s story began in 1984. From there, every black metal fan can tell you the story, repeated so many times its almost mythical. Vocalist Dead, notorious for his on-stage self-harm, corpse paint, and rotten clothes, committed suicide in 1991. Bassist Varg Vikernes (Burzum) murdered guitarist Euronymous, who also owned the famed Helvete record store in Oslo. Varg, also known for his far-right wing views, allegedly burned three historic churches, adding to the band’s notoriety. The highly controversial band are widely regarded as pioneers of the black metal genre.
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas is the first full-length album by Mayhem, released in 1994. Despite objections from Euroynmous’ family, Varg appears on bass, Hellhammer on drums, and Euronymous and Blackthorn on guitar. It is the first recording to feature Atilla Csihar on vocals, performing Dead’s lyrics.  The title is a Latin phrase meaning “About the Mystery of Lord Satan” and the album is considered one of the best, most-defining black metal albums of all time. Mayhem has played MDF before, but never like this.