God Macabre

God Macabre were one of the first Swedish death metal bands (along with peers Carnage and Entombed) and are considered highly influential to Swedish death metal.  Formed in the winter of 1988 as a grindcore band named Botten På Burken, in 1989 they began playing death metal and changed their name to Macabre End. Their 1990 demo, Consumed by Darkness, became an underground hit.  Thereafter they changed their name once again to God Macabre, and recorded one album before splitting up in 1992.  This album, The Winterlong, was released post-humously in 1993, and recently re-released to include the tracks from the demo.  After more than two decades on hiatus, God Macabre is back in action and will be making an exclusive US appearance at Maryland Deathfest in 2014, their first ever in the United States.