Final Conflict

Founded by Jeff Harp in 1983 Final Conflict has been a long standing staple of LA underground scene as well as being one of the first wave of “crossover” bands who mixed metal with hardcore punk. Much time has passed, members come and go but the love for the music has never ceased. Jeff has remained the foundation of the band, never waning in his devotion to Final Conflict and it's music.

Like any family, siblings will argue/fight and FC's volatile history has never been a secret. However after many years, members from the 1985 line up decided to play together again. Vocalist Ron Martinez has returned to the band as a full time member along with Warren Renfrow collecting the original line up from the bands “Ashes to Ashes” LP for the first time in over 24 years. Older, wiser and definitely still as lethal as in the past FC do not hold back and might even be more lethal than in their younger days. Like their crossover peers Repulsion and Napalm Death, Final Conflict make sure to perform with the same level of intensity as they did way back when and are sure to not disappoint.