Dark Angel

Dark Angel originally formed in 1981 in Downey, California (outside Los Angeles), around the time the San Fransisco thrash movement began to blossom. Their distinctive, over-the-top sound - always a beat faster than their contemporaries, with lengthy songs punctuated by extended instrumentalizations - earned them the nickname "L.A. Caffeine Machine".  Throughout the 1980's and early 1990's Dark Angel released four full length albums and toured extensively, gaining noteriety in a thrash scene that was quickly growing in popularity.  The group split up in 1992, and reformed in 2002, only to disband again a short time later in 2005, after a serious spinal injury side-lined singer Ron Rinehart.  Dark Angel will be making a rare performance at Maryland Deathfest, which will be one of very few US appearances in 2014.

Current line-up:
Jim Durkin - guitars; Eric Meyer - guitars; Ron Rinehart - vocals; Gene Hoglan - drums; Michael Gonzalez - bass